Beacon of Love

I am doing my usual lazy so and so act again today and trying to kill two birds with one stone.

Over at Victoria’s blog, liv2write2day, she talks about writing from the light perspective we may have on life. Its a natural progression as last week, she offered dark as the prompt.

Whilst looking at other poets work, I stumbled across a new form. I do like experimenting with new forms that present a challenge. This form certainly did that!  At The World Poetized C Rose offers three different forms that she came up with herself. The form I wanted to try is called Calypso and the explanation of the form and how it operates can be seen if you follow the links. Its a tough ask I can tell you and took me most of the morning to reach a point where I thought what I was doing was acceptable. You judge for yourselves.

Beacon of Love

Bathed in soft light
Her beauty shines
A beacon burning bright

I build her shrine
I honor her
That smile oh so benign

Voice soft as fur
I give her love
Love she cannot defer

She is well aware of my obsessions

A star above
To earth alights
Glides on wings of a dove

This is our night
Our star infers
Such a wonderful sight

The moon concurs
Lying supine
As love I did proffer

Its a first effort and I think there’s work to be done before I am anywhere near comfortable with this form. But I gave it a try and will look forward to any comments with interest.



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