The Ninth Coming

Tock Tick Tock Tick,
The sands of our time fall,
one by one,
Into the hourglass we call life,
Except, I do not age,
I am Dorian,
I am Benjamin,
I am under the knife,
Neat lines,
Define who I am to be,
The scars of all previous lives,
Removed, erased
Like the strokes of the pencil,
Across this crumpled page.

Tock Tick Tock Tick,
Tides ebb and flow,
Justifying my dreams and visions,
Of what,
Was, is, will be,
I am no clairvoyant,
No soothsayer of futures long passed,
Neither do I live to die,
I die so that I may live,
Defying time itself,
Bending the terms of our Universe,
A conjurer of light,
A magician in the void,
As the clock chimes its message.

Tock Tick Tock Tick
All my yesterdays gather,
In celebration,
Of this immortal life,
Sculptured by the passing eons,
Chisled from meteorites,
That became history itself,
Comets divide the chasm,
That suffers my mind,
And now,
There is no one,
But I, awaiting,
The ninth coming,
Of Mankind.

For Open Link Night [week 37] at dVerse


7 responses to “The Ninth Coming

  • Shawna

    This is my favorite:

    “I am Dorian,
    I am Benjamin,
    I am under the knife,”

  • Daydreamertoo

    Time marches on regardless of our will or even determination to control it, doesn’t it? In as much as we seek to learn, the more we know, the more we need to know. Endlessly.
    This is full of great imagery.

  • C Rose

    very intriguing write you have here…the reversal to “tock tick” really empowers the thought of how desperately we try to reverse the natural process…really enjoyed! ~ Rose

  • swanrose

    Nice and I too liked the refrain

  • brian miller

    the ninth coming of mankind…is that a reference to something…seems familiar but i am having a hard time placing it…nice ref to dorian and benjamin…invoking them sets this up well in a few words….actually i like the little touches as well…like tock tick instead of the usual tick tock…nicely done man…and time flows and flows…

  • ed pilolla

    i enjoyed this a lot. there’s a dark, mysterious knowledge at play. it lathers up as we go. the three i am statements to one in successive graphs i noticed on the third read. it’s slippery and alive.

  • Eve Redwater

    “I am Dorian,
    I am Benjamin,
    I am under the knife,” – I love the jostling rhythm and imagery here! 😀

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