This Ordinary Man

I hope you will indulge me here, before you read this latest offering.

This Ordinary Man is semi biographical I suppose. Its concerns what it says in the title, an ordinary man. That’s how I see myself, always have, always will. In darker days, I often thought, even believed, that I was descending slowly into insanity. How does anyone identify their own downward spiral into madness? I am not sure its possible. But if it is?

Its starts off, with a bombardment of thoughts and emotions, that slowly take over the mind of a man. The path then leads to a complete change of the persona. From a caring, thoughtful individual, into something or someone, loved ones no longer recognize. We follow that path as this new individual [twin, dark side] takes up the battle for supremacy of the one. The alter ego devours all that is good about the man until he is no longer, or he no longer believes, he is just an ordinary man and the morphism becomes complete as the decent into insanity also becomes complete.

I hope that makes some kind of sense. I often know what I want to say, but never seem to quite find the right way to say it. Anyway, without further ado.

This Ordinary Man

This velocity of thought
Devoid of the emotional gratitude
By this ordinary man

This knot of reflection
Bereft of compassionate attachment
By this ordinary man

This carousel of agitation
Bankrupt of naked anguish
By this ordinary man

This perverse imagination
Images of fervent self indulgence
By this ordinary man

This intransigent conceit
Seduced by narcissistic vanity
By this ordinary man

This malignant beau
Truculent in deed and word
By this ordinary man

This schizophrenic twin
Temperate doppelganger
No ordinary man.

Submitted to dVerse for Open Link Night Week 38.


7 responses to “This Ordinary Man

  • brian miller

    you def capture the journey well…makes me think of one of the kids i work with actually as it captures well his story a bit…and it is not an easy road to play back in reverse either…

  • Elizabeth Newton

    My ex husband was an ordinary man much like this. Too much for me to live with even though he could be very caring most times. He has since made his way back up. We now have a great relationship.

  • Arron Shilling (@ArronShilling)

    hey tino – great to see you writing; the intro is a perfect summation and
    really sets the scene and illuminates your project; your twin like portrait
    delivers too. Of course i have an inside track on what you speak of, so i may be biased – but even being able to compact the past and this sense
    of recognition of becoming or returning all aids perspective and announces
    an ability to put certain things and feelings ‘on the shelf’ – nice one mate:
    all the best 🙂

  • Zoe Francesca

    Tino, this is really good – you capture and explore the concepts very well indeed, aided by the form, the repetitive sounds and generally the word crafting throughout. I’m really glad you also chose to share the intro – it adds considerably to my understanding of the poem.
    Very good!

  • New View From Here


    There is much to this piece that makes it really effective and relatable for me…really glad to have found this!

    The internal rhymes, the repetition, the honesty…it all just works really well together to create a very powerful write.

  • Mary Mansfield

    I love the form you’ve given this, it carries your thoughts through quite well. Powerful in it’s raw honesty…very nice!

  • poetcolette

    You are doing the right thing by writing.
    It is the only way to hone your skill at saying what you mean.

    I think we all have a schizo twin.
    Mine is named ‘i.’

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