This Little Man

What started off as a single poetry effort, seems to be transforming into something else. A kind of series that I am hoping to keep going under the heading of This Man. It will hopefully develop into some form of self help, where I can address some of the issues I have with life, but also maybe help others to come to terms with some of their own issues. I don’t know if that’s too ambitious or not, maybe I am thinking too highly of my own work. I just know the seed is there and I hope it will germinate and grow into something that is strong and healthy. I am not even sure how it got started, but it did, so now its up to me to take it forward with some semblance of direction.

I have always been small. Maybe smoking from age 10 stunted my growth. Maybe I just come from a genetically small family. Whatever it is, I am still small. That no longer bothers me in a real sense, but us little fellas do get a raw deal in a world where BIG demands respect. I can assure you its no penile hang up either, I don’t need a big car or a big gun to compensate from my lack of height. I have a big mouth that does that 😉

This Little Man.

I always wanted to be 6 foot four,
All gel backed hair and bristled jaw,
But I am only 5  foot three,
And what you get is what you see.

The tall, dark, handsome type,
The ones that generate all the hype,
Leave us little guys in the shade,
For some height I would gladly trade [anything]

Amongst crowds of giants I often walk,
Listening to all their heightest talk,
The butt of every tall mans joke,
On their words I hope they choke.

Talk about me by all means,
As being small is in the genes,
I blame the father and the mother,
It would be unfair to blame another.

Being small is not some disease,
So stop patronizing me if you please,
I may not be a work of art,
Small in stature, but large of heart.

If you were small you might understand,
Its not something I had planned,
I just turned out this way,
Much to my complete dismay.

You were small once if I remember right,
Running around like a demented sprite,
It was what we call being a child,
I don’t recall you being reviled.

So next time you want to extract the Michael,
Try to break this vicious cycle,
I may be small, that much is true,
But am I a lesser man than you?

My offering to the open mic night over at dVerse, if you haven’t already, drop in and read some excellent poetry.


8 responses to “This Little Man

  • brian miller

    ugh…this rings for me a bit…we just had a to do this weekend because the league my son plays in made a team of all the small kids…so all the big kids could crush them…did not go over well with me…

  • claudia

    it’s not a matter of size even though i think it’s easier for a tall man to gain respect, esp. in a business position…my boss at work is quite tall and that just gains him respect before he even starts talking..but then our department leader is quite small for a man and not less respected..

  • Daydreamertoo

    There never seems to be a happy medium because usually really tall people have to go through the same remarks about ‘can’t see you for your head in the clouds’ and such. There is always someone with an opinion on size, shape, hair etc. so, I think you have handled yourself really well, and you’ve told this really well too. I wonder what would be ‘perfect’? Even the most beautiful or handsome people in the world look in the mirror and see their own flaws.
    Nicely written Tino.

  • Gay

    Pity the pretty – for it fades. Each creature not to mention man and woman is born with his/her own gifts. These special talents are given to us at birth. For each it is different but wasting them reduces our lives; on the other hand taking them, disciplining them, shaping them into a product for good defines us as that which we were designed to be. Rejoice in your height. You are shaping words and in that nobility you can be a KING.

  • Arron Shilling (@ArronShilling)

    its not the size of the dog in the fight,
    its the size of the fight in the dog! 😉

    i get the feeling tino
    your heart is your biggest part 😀

    i know the battle you fight and i know from reading the this –
    your winning!…

    i’ve seen many Big Boys go under…

    stamina is the key…

    but its avin a laugh at it all that really says…

    This Man is strong and healthy

    its written underneath

    the poetry 🙂

  • C Rose

    Really enjoyed the expression of this, as a female who is very tall for the average I empathize to this often caught in the awkward of abnormal….you meet these words wonderfully! ~ Rose

  • poetcolette

    Self analysis
    takes a very big man.

    Yet the biggest man can be taken down
    by a tiny bullet,
    or a slingshot
    or a word.

    I’ve been married to a very big man, 6’6″, for nearly a quarter of a century.
    At times I have longed to be with someone my own size.
    Yet it’s nice to have someone get things off the top shelves!

    Smaller physiques tend to be more athletic and less clumsy.

    I am glad you have a big mouth instead of that other stuff.

    And, be thankful you don’t run like a giraffe!

  • Lindy Lee

    Well written rhyme & rhythm, as always. You stand tall in poetic talent.

    *Note: Robert Reich challenged Bill O’Reilly to a debate. O’Reilly is yet to accept the challenge…

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