Blue Guitar

Over at dVerse today, Gay Reiser Cannon has introduced a form of poetry that is new to me. I like a challenge and am never one to turn away most of the time. The form is Framed Couplets. I have tried to stay within the boundaries as I understood them. Its a very difficult form to get to grips with, but I hope I have done it some justice with my effort.


old guitar stands alone all forlorn
cold strings once played hang twisted and torn
fret stained where nicotined fingers pressed
sweat streaked body of wood bruised and distressed
fame and fortune this instrument bought
acclaim,stardom, the spotlight, it sought

beguiled with blues, some say the devil
wild chords, riffs, its music we revel
wailing athems electrify sound
unveiling cadence, beats so profound
audacious notes consuming my soul
salacious rhythms, hypnotic control

it may appear a tale so bizarre
i say beware of that old guitar

So if you haven’t already, get on over to dVerse and have a go or read some of the offerings of other poets who have been brave enough to attempt it.


10 responses to “Blue Guitar

  • Madeleine Begun Kane

    What a wonderful poem! And I could relate to it, being a musician with several old instruments in my closet … although not guitars. 🙂

  • Anna Montgomery

    I’m a composer and really felt the song in this, nicely done!

  • brian miller

    oh but i want to pick it up and play….there is a song still in it i am sure…maybe i just have a romantic place for old instruments…they still carry much of the spirit…though yours it seems is set to haunt…smiles.

  • jymiely

    this one is great! 😉

  • Gay

    Wow – great topic – in the tradition of all that art – Picasso, Wallace Stevens (though in fairness Stevens called his “The Man With the Blue Guitar”. And I loved this guitar (I believe in the power of musical instruments) and I am sure the Devil Went Down To Georgia, and played a flatbox on the Crossroads…well we won’t segue to blues just yet.
    But it’s true this form really does work the music between the lines and you did it up fine here.

    In case you missed the notes on the other guys blogs ..first of the lines, you only need to form the first syllable not the whole word. I wrote whole words the first time I tried the form too. (Not nearly as well as you wrote this, I might add). Otherwise this was perfect as to form, and very fine poem to boot!

  • poetcolette

    You’ve done it more than justice.
    This is a true homage to the guitar.

    Mine lies just as forlorn,
    but never was used quite that much,
    nor ever as well, I’m certain!

  • Mama Zen

    This is just outstanding!

  • Semaphore

    Unique perspecive with an artistic twist, reminiscent of the iconic piece by Picasso. You worked the framed couplet form effortlessly here, making the rhymic undertones part of the natural flow of the language.

  • ManicDdaily

    Objects take on personality for sure–you’ve described that so well. And the blues. k.

  • Lindy Lee

    Framed couplets bravo! Tino, especially the last in “Blue Guitar”:

    it may appear a tale so bizarre
    i say beware of that old guitar

    You truly do have a great style all your own…

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