Resurrected Daymare

Shadows, stretched taught by the minutes
ticking tocking ticking tocking
skies darken their hue
as another day begins to fade
and not just from our memory
from time itself

we exit the light
we enter the night

soon our dreams shall claim us
sleep our ever-present friend
banishing these daymares
turning them to dust
to gather in the hour-glass
as we slowly drift away

darkness takes us by the hand
leading us into never-never land
a time to frolic, dance and play
the sounds of laughter holding sway

sleep long sleep tight my dear
for morning shall soon be here
our dreams will again be disturbed
as we once more become perturbed

Sandman my ally, Sandman my friend
I pray to you, in homage
may this night
never end

because tomorrow,
we enter
another daymare

we exit the night
we enter the light.

After reading a few posts recently, and empathizing with them and trying to offer some solace, it appears to me that night is no longer our enemy,  more of a friend to be welcomed so we get some respite from, well, whatever it is that mars our days. I just prefer to think of it as our daymare. The nights I get some peace that I no longer get during the daylight hours. When I sleep, the meds knock me right out and I dream or just sleep, undisturbed. Then, I wake up and the grind of another day greets me, laughing like some demented hyena on speed.

I don’t exactly fear daytime, but my condition has zero effect when I am asleep, its only when I am awake. The nights are easy, the days, well, I get through em best I can and I know others exist who find the same. So this is my tribute in a way to all those who find each day a struggle.

Of course, this is added over at dVerse, which is about the only place I hang in poetry as the folks there are great and very supportive. So pop along and peruse some awesome offerings from the ever-growing clientelle.


5 responses to “Resurrected Daymare

  • brian miller

    i am glad you get relief in the night man…daymares…cant be fun…nice allusions to metallica in this as well….smiles.

    • Tino

      Someone actually found it, I did begin to wonder if anyone would. Yes, Enter Sandman was partly responsible for this. I heard it for the first time and then added it to my playlists and cant stop singing it now 😉

  • kelly

    We exit the night, we enter the light… Love that. Night has long been my friend, I am a night owl, would that I didn’t need to sleep! I find the peace and quiet so soothing.

  • Poetical Psyche

    interesting observation. Certainly many peoples waking moments are filled with the makings of nightmares, really creative choice here.

  • Beth Winter

    because tomorrow,
    we enter
    another daymare

    Wonderful poem. I really think this passage should end the poem, that the rest doesn’t add to it but that is just my opinion. I enjoyed reading your work and look forward to reading more. Well done.

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