Going for a Song

Just a little bit of fun because with the start we have had in this family to 2013, I need some light entertainment and something to laugh about or smile about. I have struggled of late with writing, its just not been there, so music, my first love, has taken its place. I was looking up one of my many playlists and just decided to use the first page of the list I was looking at and see how many songs I could cram into a little narrative. I hope you have some fun trying to spot how many I have put in there, some are obvious, maybe some aint.

I was talking just the other day
I told her,
Maggie, may you always be happy baby,
no need to cry, just ride your white bicycle or
be a centrefold, whatever you want,
but dont let no one convince you that
you’re a fat bottomed girl.

Across the universe, well ok, I exaggerate a tad,
I meant across the road actually,
my good mate died after I told him
man, dont fear the reaper,
its a big country, epic some may say
he aint gonna find you.

But Maggie, yeah,
what a sweet talking woman she is, after I played a song one time, she said
Hey Joe, turn it on again will ya,
and we went at it all night long until
her good friend Rhiannon joined us, I said,
oi, who are you?
she started cryin,
she told me she just wanted to see Emily play
as Emily was one of her heroes
I told her,
dont stop believin lady
its gonna happen one day.

Meantime, back in the old days,
around the summer of 69 I think it was
jimmy ran in and shouted,
I shot the sherrif
I told him to go jump off a cliff
he was gonna do time for that crime,
and time aint no bed of roses.

So I shouted to Maggie
wheres Rhiannon?
she’s not there,
she hollers back at me
Well that really got me,
its ok,
I only want to be with you anyway.

Toodle Pip


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