Being Me

This is just a semi sad, semi humourous look at what its like being me these days. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, which makes a very pleasant change.

The moment I open my eyes in my bed
The spin doctor awakens inside my head
The camponologist gets to work as well
Determined to ring his tubular bell

My world doesn’t revolve around the sun
It revolves around me which aint much fun
The bells dont ring out in joyful celebration
They are just a source of my constant frustration

So with the undulating ground beneath my feet
I stagger away along down the street
Many stare and believe I am pissed
My feet and the ground cant coexist

Old terra firma is not where it should be
Its just another case of my brains trickery
It loves to create some illusions and games
As I call the pavement a few obscene names

The bus passengers love to turn and stare
It happens so often that I no longer care
Children gawk with mouths open wide
That is the look I cannot abide

Meanwhile the bells continue to chime
The camponologist working some overtime
He’s upping the volume its rising to a crescendo
I now know what it was like to be Quasimodo!

Whistling “I’m so dizzy” to myself as I walk
Eyes on my target like those of a hawk
If the target stayed still I’m sure I could hit [it]
Who am I kidding? I have to admit

Through all of this trouble, all of this strife
I am determined to continue along the road of my life
At least I aint got some malignant brain trumour
And I still retain a good sense humour

Some days I laugh, some days I cry
Whichever it is, I somehow get by
Stay strong, stay pround be all you can be
It could have been worse, you could have been me!!

Pissed [Drunk]

Pavement [Sidewalk]

Posted with all the good folk @dVerse for open link night.


9 responses to “Being Me

  • claudia

    oh tino…can feel you in this…not easy when people stare at you.. we’re so “calibrated” to a certain norm that everything and everyone who is a bit outside that lines makes us feel insecure i think…love that you manage to keep your sense of humor though…sending a big hug your way..

  • jasmine

    At least you can laugh at yourself. 🙂

    This is my favorite part: “The moment I open my eyes in my bed
    The spin doctor awakens inside my head”

  • brian miller

    it revolves around me which aint much fun….well that is a striking line right up front…felt verse man….i am glad you have that determination to continue on in life despite…keep that sense of humor as well…it helps…smiles.

  • Laurie Kolp

    I suffer from Ménière’s disease, so can really relate to this!

  • Tony

    Can feel the pain in these lines – coupled whit a fine sense of humour and the determination to make the best of life. I suffered a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage last year. I seem to have suffered no long-term effects, for which I am very thankful, but things could have turned out very differently.

  • Lindy Lee

    Long as you don’t step off into the street & keep your sense of humor…

  • apshilling

    Hey Tino

    In my mind
    i’m like the sun too
    . . . only more important! 😉

    I will never shift this tune now . . . like a whirlpool it never ends!
    CLASSIC! and Vic and Bob are class!

    Dizzy or no, i still get the feeling
    that you’ll be walking tall
    till the end 🙂

    No retreat
    No surrender !!!

  • Bodhirose

    Thanks for sharing this…no, it’s not easy having to deal with a chronic illness and people can be so thoughtless…so very sorry. This made me think of Lorna from Lorna’s Voice She has chronic dizziness and did have a brain tumor but she is the funniest writer and has the best outlook on life in spite of her many challenges…chronic fatigue being another. You may be inspired by her if you haven’t met her already.

  • Helena (Hey! Lena)

    I can relate to a lot of this! I’ve trapped nerves in the back of my neck (after a fall) and get some really bad dizzy spells, my eyes flit all over the place at the same time and I have to remain still until it passes! That good sense of humour’s a must!!

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