My Way To Hell [and back]

Those good folks over at d’Verse have offered up two prompts this weekend. Brian asks us to find some adjectives and nouns and verbs and all that other language stuff to include in a poem. Gretchen asks us to think about music and what it means to us or makes us think of etc etc. That, is obviously the right choice for me. I am often inspired by music and often include some band or song lines into a post. If you look back through my 190 odd posts so far, you will see how many relate in some way or other to a song. Even the title of this piece plays on a song title.

There are two versions of the song I love, although there are numerous versions more I have never bothered to listen to. Each version says something unique to me. I shall not venture into that  here though.

Today, I nearly died,
I must have cried, a thousand tears,
or more,
And yet, its very clear
That the road ahead
Will twist, each gut wreneching turn
until I find, the right direction,
But, although I’m down,
I am not out,
I am also proud, to say
I did it my way.

To plummet or not, I am never sure,
Is the grass always greener,
On the other side?
Once, these tears subside,
Will life,
Again have meaning?
Senses numbed,
Thoughts suffering defeat,
Despite, dark holding sway,
I’ll do it my way.

The bitterest of pills,
Taste of honey,
When consumed,
Without, emotion,
The first cut,
Is often the deepest,
The scars, still bear witness,
Revealing their tragedy,
Beside life ebbing,casualy
Calmly away,
I did it my way.

There’s no regrets,
There’s no more tears,
I cried them all,
Across many years,
This once empty shell,
Houses my soul,
The fire blazes bright, yet
Life took its toll,
Throughout it all,
I learnt, to stand tall
I declare, unto the world,
I did it my way.

The two songs tell a completely different story in both imagery and lyrics. I have my favourite, but I am not saying which it is. You can decide that one for yourself 😉


13 responses to “My Way To Hell [and back]

  • brian miller

    smiles…frank…very cool…and as long as you own the way, and do it the way you want how can you complain with what life gives you…i think there is more than one song in this one…ha…The first cut,
    Is often the deepest…i know that one…the bitterest of pills tastes like honey is a very cool phrase as well tino..

    sing it on…

  • Mary

    Yes, indeed, life may sometimes give a bitter pill…..but you know, Frank’s words always empower me. No matter what we are handed in life, it is important (I think) that at the end of our life we are able to look back and know that we did it OUR way. Enjoyed your poem / your music.

  • Cressida de Nova

    Another song is “Taste of Honey” Life does take a toll but somehow we all muddle through and you are right it is important to do it your way.

  • claudia

    that’s a moving song and it speaks to me of the mistakes we make along the way and the lessons we learn..sometimes the hard way…but always getting up and tackle that road again…

  • Nilanjana Bose

    Touching song, I liked it your way too. Will resonate with anyone who has had to pick themselves up and move on after some setback. Thanks for your kind comments on my post.

  • Gretchen Leary

    Hello, sorry it took so long to get to read this. The time change threw me off and I overslept a bit. I love that Frank Sinatra speaks to you- he was absolutely incredible. As Brian mentioned above I was also drawn to:

    “The bitterest of pills,
    Taste of honey,
    When consumed,
    Without, emotion”

    I love the image this created for me. Thank-you for sharing this!

  • kkkkaty

    I love that Frank is popular now with the X well as Tony Bennett and others…this works for me…in the end it will be all I can say..

  • gypsyangel

    I also love and live through music. It is such a force in my life…almost as important as the air I breathe.

  • hobgoblin2011

    love both versions. Way back when I was really into the Sex Pistols, and in my house, Sinatra was always playing, whether upstairs where my grandparents would play his records or downstairs where my parents would play the old 8-tracks. His songs have been forever stapled in my mind, and of course, I had to go and get some greatest hit collections of my own, which get a lot of airplay, kind of weird how, when I play the random setting, and five or six heavy metal tracks will play, then a Frank song pops on, yet, somehow, his music fits in with any random mix. Great piece Tino. Thanks

  • Victoria C. Slotto

    Great choice of song(s) and I like what you did with them. For me, it is a poem of survival. I will be happy to e-mail you some words!

  • jhoeslin123

    great song

  • Suzy

    Great song by the legendary Frank Sinatra. Music speaks to me too.

  • Lindy Lee

    Sammy Davis, Jr. did it his way, too– and, well…

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