Acid Days

I managed to miss the Mad Lib week, so please excuse me for this being a somewhat latecomer.

I asked the forever supportive Victoria to provide me with some words to play with and this is what she left for me.

N- Karma
N- Sound
V- To play
V- To seduce
V- To shadow
A- Creative
A- Strenuous
A- Resting
R- Mutant
R- Image

I am still confused how what came to mind actually came to mind, it was one of those out of nowhere moments, somewhere between deja vu and a flashback. So, this is the result of that 30 minutes of completely lost time where I am sure, if someone put a gun to my head, I still could not tell them what happened. Wierd.

The question may, or may not arise,
To play or not to play?

I read the words, but the image,
Was lost to my sight,
I was absorbed in this creative wonderland,
Only words lay before me?

Ah, music,
Demonic melodies,
Maniacal guitar riffs,
From the age of the electric dawn,
Sound in the deep recess of the hour,
The creative minds,
Of axemen and bards,
Seduce the follower, toward
Unfathomable melancholic meditation.

Drums, throb with a strenuous rhythm,
I swear, Bonham and Moon were laughing, their
demented howl,
A lycanthropic disguise?
But no, I wont get fooled again,
This aint no stairway to heaven baby!

Somewhere, a silver bullet band played my tune.

The question, though
Was never in doubt to these monsters of rock.

Cast its eerie shadow beyond our manic twosome,
Resting in its periphery,
Sat Jimi alongside Marc in a purple haze,
Those metal guru’s of history,
Watching, The Voodoo Child metamorphose,
Into the miscreant mutant,
Of the unholiest Black Sabbath.

Who told you hell aint a bad place to be?

Someone out there,
I know not who,
Maybe the fool on the hill?
Called the karma police.

The arrests were brutal,
In their intensity,
The acid days,
Were long ago banished,
Into legend…..

John Bonham: Drummer with Led Zeppelin, sadly deceased.

Keith Moon: Drummer with The Who, sadly deceased

Monsters of Rock: A open air rock concert held at Castle Donnington racetrack. Applicable to Bonham and Moon as well.

Jimi and Marc: Hendrix and Bolan of course.

Karma Police: A song by Radiohead.

Other song titles are in there as well, some you will recognize, some maybe not.

Posted over at d’Verse, the pub where the poets hang. Come join the fun and read some awesome poems penned by some awesome poets.


11 responses to “Acid Days

  • brian miller

    my acid days were short…thank goodness…but the bands still play in my head…still have a bunch of zep bootlegs in a box in my parents basement…ha, and i know monsters of rock…went to many a concert in my day..actually did stage crew for The Offspring one summer….this has a bit of surreality to it like some of those daze for me…smiles.

    cool you did the mad libs as well..wondered when i saw victorias…

  • Cressida de Nova

    This was fun. The fool on the the karma police (smirks) your karma ran over my dogma:)

  • hisfirefly

    legends indeed, who likely had the same experience of not knowing where there work came from ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Victoria C. Slotto

    Never had a chance to do the acid thing, though I probably would have had I not been in the convent (an indication of my counter-cultural tendencies?) but you took me there, Tino. Excellent job with the words and when I do those random words (which I do a lot) I can’t help but feel like it’s an almost out-of-body experience–channeling the creative muse. We’ll have to do it again sometime…maybe when we can’t get the poetry thing going!?

  • gypsyangel

    I loved all the song references! Karma Police was an anthem of my youth…that and Creep. Your words never fail to amuse and inspire thoughts that link back to memories, good and bad but always welcomed!

  • Linds

    “I was absorbed in this creative wonderland,”

    Ahhh.. This whole piece. Brilliant!

  • apshilling

    Top-draw Tino!

    you really got your flow on and just Hendrixed the groove . . . great riffs and refs, all of which i love and enjoyed seeing in the mix . . . anywhere Moon is, everyone is going to be laughing, for sure!

    Somewhere, a silver bullet band played my tune: this line lit me up!

    a proper blast man. all the best ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tony Maude

    Love it Tino. The only song reference I didn’t get was Karma Police – which probably tells you quite a lot about my age and my taste in music ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Renee Espriu

    I think it went well and that you can take all those words and make something so cool with them…well, that’s what I call writing.

  • lovemorestudio

    I find music to be so every inspirational– I wish I played! Sometimes there is just nothing better than an incredible guitar riff ๐Ÿ™‚ ~peace, Jason

  • claudia

    fantastic write tino… there are certain kinds of music that have always scared’s like leaning over a bridge with no ticket back.. cool that you tackeld the mad libs as well

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