Deafening Silence

I have thought a great deal about communication lately and how online, the written word can often be misunderstood because certain tools we use are not accessible to us when a person is 6000 miles away at the other end of a fibre optic cable.

When we speak face to face, there is a wealth of information before we even get to the words contained in the forthcoming conversation. Facial expression and stance tell us much if we only listen.

Many people talk and use their hands to express some aspect of importance or to enforce a point and we use that movement to assist us in understanding the point someone is trying to make.

But when it just comes down to reading and writing, it is often only the reader or writer who completely understands what is in front of them. What you read can differ in meaning to what I read. You may well interpret something I write differently to its original meaning. Its easily done, especially over this medium we call the internet.

The piece here is a product of those thoughts and I hope you can comprehend where this is coming from. The time aspect comes from the fact that we spend a large part of our lives communicating with each other via the mediums open to us.

Deafening Silence

The second hand ticks silently on its merry way
The minutes and hours of another passing day
The silence is deafening to my sensitive ear
I only witness the passing of this perculiar year

Bound by time, a seemingly innocuous chain
Gagged by a decennium of absurdity and constrain
Words become my enemy, belie the indubitable truth
Contorted sentances, paragraphs twisted, uncouth
Tittle tattle, gossip, false prophets word
Communication lines, tarnished and blurred
Language, written, spoken, cannot be returned
Yet another example of opportunity spurned

This never ending spiral of conversations left
Speech impediment, affiliated theft
Signs, speak of nuance and meticulous refinement
Deprived of words by this habitual confinement

The echo of a distant whisper, a receeding voice
Privilege denied, no freedom of choice


I implore thee, shatter this silence
So I may listen to your beauty
One more time.

This is really aimed at someone who pissed me off recently, but dont tell them I said so ok 😉


2 responses to “Deafening Silence

  • claudia

    conversation and communication is so important.. it’s how we relate to each other and feel the other person.. i agree that online conversation can never replace face to face interaction with people, i too tend to talk with my whole body, hands, eyes, mimic and in writing we’re just limited to to words and how we string them together.. though i think you can feel a person also in their written word and that’s a bit of magic as well..smiles..happy saturday to you tino

  • gypsyangel

    This is such a relatable subject and the poem speaks to me in so many ways. It brings to my mind one of the saddest yet happiest times of my life. Thank you for your thought provoking musings!

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