DJ Tino

Back in my school days [yes, I can remember that far back] a radio presenter arrived at our primary school to talk about  our local radio, what is was, how it worked etc etc. I am pretty sure that what he offered upon leaving was the usual pleasantries. He said, if anyone did the 17 times table and sent in it to his show, then they could help do his show one day. Me being me, I took him at his word, did the table, sent it in and reminded him of his offer. So I got to be a DJ type presenter for a couple of hours and I thought back then I did a better job of it than he did.

The man from the radio station was twee
He had no idea what to expect of me
I completed the 17 times table
Something he didn’t think I was able [of]
Then did his job far better than he.

Posted over at dVerse where our host Kelvin has challenged us to provide some sort of anecdote. I think this about fits the bill?  but I’ll let you be the judge of that.


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