The Art of Betrayal

this is not how it was meant to be,
I always thought it was down to you
and me,
but somewhere we got lost
The Betrayal was the final cost.

It began with just a cheeky flirt
Just another piece of skirt
the lines flowed fourth, all day long
But then it all went horribly wrong.

Ticking clocks cannot
capture the recollections of our past
Yesterday is always where it resides
Today and tomorrow we can configure, but
History only exists to haunt us.

and so it began.

Harmless fun it is said [ha]
The twinkle sparkled in my eyes [jewels]
my imagination [compulsive]
saw yours sparkle too [mirrors]
thats when I knew
we were hooked,


How can we be lonely?
in a world so full
of chance?
racing to embrace us,
offering us
our illusion,
a fantasy, made to fit.

The flame of love flickered
into existence,
to the touch of the match,
surprise taking us
on the ride of a lifetime,
or lifetimes,
until we were too far gone
to ever get off,
the only drug we both craved.

Days turned to weeks,
weeks turned to months,
months turned to years,
those years were the sweetest
of our empty lives,
we grasped them
as though
our survival depended on them.

That flame grew to
a inferno of
lust and desire.

Many times in our dreams,
we whispered our words of love,
we sang
of the joy we furnished each other,
lonliness banished,
we have each other

But it is still not enough!
I am not yet sated
I crave exploration
of what?
a different drug
that no woman can supply.

Lie built upon lie,
truths twisted
more than words could ever be,
I love you,
that alone is just not enough,
thrill seeker! I have become
one more time.

you are my world
my universe
and yet
I will never hold you in my arms
or look into your eyes and
tell you
I love you.

Betrayal once!
Betrayal twice!
does it end?
only in death?
or we walk
another path
that lies undiscovered,
but we both know

So concludes this deception.


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