The life of a man who has lived life to the full only for someone to pull the carpet out from under his feet. Slightly delusional, a pain in the arse, a loving grandad and the makings of a poker player. If that dont pique your curiosity, then nothing will.

Sadly, I managed to get a severe case of Chickenpox 8 years ago, [where did the time go]? and that has left me with a rather confusing condition that affects sight and balance. I have gone full circle from being very active, to somewhat of a recluse.

It was my head doc [psychologist] who suggested I start a blog. I tried last year, but faded. Then this year I decided to try again and have found writing to be a great release for me. I always was an avid reader and I have enjoyed reading some wonderful poems here. I find it very theraputic to read and write and sometimes I get lost in amongst all that goes on here.  I lost my love of the written word over the last 12 months. The words just dried up and my interest with them. I am trying to get back into writing something, anything, at least once a week. Time will tell if I am successful in that aim or not.

I hope to continue to grow as I go, with help, advice and support, maybe I can become a half decent writer and readers enjoy some of what I offer up.

Tinks is now nearly 8! and at school full time, I miss her terribly, she was and still is, the best form of therapy for me. After becoming a recluse for the last 18 months, I am trying to get out more and now go and meet Tinks out of school every Monday. We take her back to her house and its great to see her on a regular basis again. I didn’t realse just how much I had missed her.

Still not working. No one is going to emply a snail, everyone wants blood for the wage they pay these days. I still have a mind and a brain that works most of the time, just a body that has its own agenda. I can sit on my ever increasing fat arse in a garden and be no danger to man or beast, its just that I am slow.



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