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Going for a Song

Just a little bit of fun because with the start we have had in this family to 2013, I need some light entertainment and something to laugh about or smile about. I have struggled of late with writing, its just not been there, so music, my first love, has taken its place. I was looking up one of my many playlists and just decided to use the first page of the list I was looking at and see how many songs I could cram into a little narrative. I hope you have some fun trying to spot how many I have put in there, some are obvious, maybe some aint.

I was talking just the other day
I told her,
Maggie, may you always be happy baby,
no need to cry, just ride your white bicycle or
be a centrefold, whatever you want,
but dont let no one convince you that
you’re a fat bottomed girl.

Across the universe, well ok, I exaggerate a tad,
I meant across the road actually,
my good mate died after I told him
man, dont fear the reaper,
its a big country, epic some may say
he aint gonna find you.

But Maggie, yeah,
what a sweet talking woman she is, after I played a song one time, she said
Hey Joe, turn it on again will ya,
and we went at it all night long until
her good friend Rhiannon joined us, I said,
oi, who are you?
she started cryin,
she told me she just wanted to see Emily play
as Emily was one of her heroes
I told her,
dont stop believin lady
its gonna happen one day.

Meantime, back in the old days,
around the summer of 69 I think it was
jimmy ran in and shouted,
I shot the sherrif
I told him to go jump off a cliff
he was gonna do time for that crime,
and time aint no bed of roses.

So I shouted to Maggie
wheres Rhiannon?
she’s not there,
she hollers back at me
Well that really got me,
its ok,
I only want to be with you anyway.

Toodle Pip


Friends Are Not Just For Christmas

No one told me life was gonna be this way

No, no, no, not that friends, just friends!

I just read a fantastic poem concerning friendships and how they often go wrong.

Take a look, its worth it.

But it got me to thinking about friends and just who and what they are.

I worked with a lad a few years ago. We became good mates, then friends. Mate and friend are different in this neck of the woods. But I was proud to call this man a friend. I have/had loads of mates, but friends are often thin on the ground throughout my life. I like people, mostly, but I am also happy in my own company, which is a good thing!! after what happened 3 1/2 years ago.

Me and my colleague met once a week, away from work, shared a beer or three and a spliff or 10 and had a good laugh. It was always at his house as I was the one with transport. Our friendship became so good, I am godfather to his first daughter. I used to go every week, without fail to see them. I would be there from 5pm through to midnight or more. I always had a good time. The little one was a very happy, content child and she came to me easily when I visited. She used to love taking everything out of my shirt pocket [phone, ID card, pens, notes etc] and then putting them all back again. She would do that for hours if you let her.

Then sadly, I became ill and had to stop going to see them. I was a wreck of my former self, could not walk, let alone drive, and I was messed up in the head, bigtime.

Three and a half years later, this man I was proud to call a friend has been to see me once. Not one phone call in that time. I am angry and upset at this situation, but am powerless to change it. I quit smoking and due to meds, hardly ever drink now. I still dont work or drive.

Throughout these last 3 1/2 years, one man stepped up to the plate. I knew him for years at work. We said hello, exchanged a gripe or two, worked together on occasion, but that was all. This man started to come to see me when I was first off work. He is a big fella with a heart of gold. I never asked him to come, he just did. The more we talked, the more we had in common. We have a cuppa, put the world to rights, gossip [yeah, men do that as well] and just shoot the breeze and have a laugh. He even brings me a little present, a chocolate bar, or a new drink thats hit the market. He even sends me a christmas card these days. He offers to take me and my partner out if we need, or take us shopping, things like that. He really helps me keep my sanity, he is obviously crazier than I am 😉

So, the man who I called a friend, simply wasn’t. He only lives about 3 miles away but can’t be arsed to even phone and see how I am. The big ginger fella has been a complete suprise to me. I have known him a long time, shared the odd beer with him, but he shows he cares, enough, to give up his free time to listen to me moaning.

Good friends, real friends are hard to find. If you have some, cherish them, make as much effort as they do and go out of your way for them if the situation requires it.

I have also known a lot of people online. They come, they go, but few are real and even fewer hang around. But, there is always the exception to the rule and they know who they are!

Find me a friend
Real, true, lifelong
Indomitable to the
Neglect them not
Defend them as you would a child
Savor them, protect them

Abide their faults
Relish their candor
Exculpate their errors

Nurture the relationship
Offer it sustenance
Treasure it

Juxtapose with
Unite with
Share with
Treat with respect


Show that you care about THEM!

Going for a Song

It’s a dog eat dog world out there,
Especially for the night prowlers,
Who are often just riff raff anyway.

I was driving down the highway to hell,
And I fell into rock n roll damnation,
But hey, hell aint a bad place to be.

I was often shot down in flames,
Thats what high voltage can do to a live wire,
It was just a touch too much.

So I asked, Can I sit next to you girl?
I only want to sink your pink, she slapped my face,
Maybe I should just ride on, like a good rocker does.

Did you hear hells bells ringing last night?
They shook me all night long,
I’m sure it wasn’t an overdose that did it.

I went to see that  woman, Rosie,
I said, what do you do for money honey?
She just gave me the jack,

So here, have a drink on me,
Give that dog a bone, and
Lets just go down and do the bad boy boogie.

One last time!

Submitted to One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry.

For those not in the know, the jack is a slang term for the clap [Venereal Disease] or I suppose a STD  to be politically correct.

I hope someone understands what this is all about, or where its roots are 😉

If Music be the Food of Love……….Play On

My love of music goes back to, well, before I can remember really. My mother was a Beatles fan and also like Rod Stewart, so they are the earliest tunes I can really remember hearing, but not necessarily listening to. The Beatles are ok, Rod is ok, but not exactly my taste.

My brother [4 yrs older than myself] is the first person of my generation that I can think back and define a musical taste to. I was born of the free love/glam rock/prog rock days and essentially I am still living there musically. My first ever purchase of a single, on vinyl, was Blockbuster, by The Sweet. Still love the track and to some extent the group and its music. I can look back with a fondness to those days, Gary Glitter aside.

My bro was very much  rock lover, until he found religion in his teens and his music turned to gospel rock and the like. But Pink Floyd were always playing in his bedroom when I was still at home. My sister was more middle of the road and liked a lot of different music. She is like the musical nomad, always flitting from one thing to another, but one of the first albums I recall her playing was the iconic Hotel California. I am sure there was earlier tastes than that, but I dont know what they were.

This was my bro’s favourite at the time.

My tastes never changed much in those early years. I listened to T-Rex, Sweet, Slade, all the groups of that elk and era. It wasn’t until the advent of the first punk bands really hit the scene that I got into my own tastes that were not passed on to me like handmedowns. I guess you could say The Sex Pistols stirred my imagination. Sid [RIP] was the main man and I did my level best to resemble him, not only in looks but in mannerisms as well. His version of My Way, was and will always be my reminder of those teenage years of drink, drugs and prison cells. Love him [them] or loathe him [them] he [they] made an impact. I ended up with the nickname Sid and have that tattoed on my arm to this day. If I had a formative years hero, he was it. Just like me, a rebel without a clue, but enjoying every minute of it.

I saw and listened to a lot of punk and even joined a punk band and did a few gigs. I was the cool [ish] bass player and enjoyed everything about playing and being on stage. I played up to the image and they loved me for it. I really was that pug ugly, lol, but it was fun, exciting and dangerous, especially when those skinheads would gatecrash. We had a few nights inside, blood and beer soaked and lappedit up. In some ways, we were our own heroes and were looked up to by the ones watching.

I never got into The Stranglers. It wasn’t until later that I began to appreciate how damned good they were. I loved siouxie and the banshees, their earlier stuff was off the wall.

I liked the weird stuff, the weirder the better for me. Mainstream punk soon lost its appeal on the back of Mods [see The Jam] and new wave and the romantics. Blondie started out as a punk band [the image was there] but soon found a sound that suited them better. I loved their early stuff and Parralell Lines will go down as one of the greatest albums. That launched them into hyperspace and of course they went on to be a huge success and still pack them in today. Devo were crazy, Ian Dury was a punk poet, a little like John Cooper Clark.

I was like a cork floating on flotsam in the early 80’s. I liked bits and pieces of this and that, but nothing that really influenced me in any way. I liked ska music, the beat was different to anything I knew before and that was refreshing. Madness, The Specials and a few nameless others were flavour of the day and whilst they were good, they were not original ska music. That came from the 50’s and 60’s and was raw. This is what I mean,

Thats a good example of early ska music that some more discerning avectionados will know or recognise.  Madness were just a bunch of ordinary lads out for a laugh, like we all were in the bleak days of the early 80’s. They bought some much needed relief from the recession hit days and gave us a reason to smile. You have to laugh at this, or you should,

That kind of kept me going for a little bit, but my taste was changing after the heady days of punk. I was finding rock music for the first time. Bands like AC/DC, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, were all considered old and hippy [ish] but something there struck a chord with me and it was something I could get into. The hair grew longer, the jeans more patches than fabric and patchouli oil followed me everywhere I went. I could identify with rock music, the rhythm and beat got me up on my feet and I was a headbanger, not a nodding headbanger, I was full tilt, up, down, round and round, diagonals, you name it, any direction you like, I could do it. Its a pride thing, if its worth doing, its worth doing well. There was also the mandatory air guitar. If you have never played air guitar, man, you aint lived!! For all die hard rock fans, the air guitar is an essential part of the setup. I think everyone has played a tennis racket at some time in their lives. Last years winner of the Air Guitar World Championships,

So its a toss up really who is my favourite band right now. It was U2. I love their early stuff, but Zoo TV just turned me off and although I still listen and enjoy their music, its not to the level it once was. I think it was Rainbow who really got me started in the rock scene. I saw them live at the very first Monsters of Rock outdoor concert at Castle Donnington racetrack  way back in 1980. That really got me into rock music although that came later. This concert showed me what music is all about really,

I think from those days forward, my musical journey has expanded somewhat to incorporate more diversity. I enjoy blues now, especially Rhythm and Blues. Cream, Eric Clapton, BB King, John Lee Hooker, Creedence Clearwater Revival, etc etc. Older stuff really. Todays music scene seems pretty boring with all the R&B stuff. The indie scene is ok, but not what it was.

I have been fortunate enough to attend many live music events in the UK down the years. I have been to Glastonbury, before it became famous. It was more a fringe event back then, more about spirituality and drugs than the music, but still fun. I have been to Reading Festival, Knebworth, Monsters of Rock, The Albert Hall, the NEC at Birmingham, DeMontford Hall, Leicester, Rock City, Nottingham, Earls Court, London, Wembley, London, Elland Road, Leeds, St James Park, Newcastle, all major venues in their day. Its been a privelege to see some of the greats. I am sad Inever got to see Pink Floyd, but Pulse [recording of their live event in 1995] probably plays more than any other on this machine as I love it and never tire of hearing it. Sam Brown did a tremendous job on the backing vocals, along with, Claudia Fontaine and Durga McBroom. Great Gig in the Sky is just an awesome display of vocal control from all three singers and is spine tinglingly good to this day. RIP Richard Wright [Keyboards].

Anyone who hasn’t seen Eric Clapton, then do so, before its too late. I really enjoyed his version of Robert Johnsons recordings, but seeing him play live is just something else. His energy is amazing and his fret work is just indesribable. There are not many who can compete with his vocal ability combined with his guitar playing. His unplugged sessions were groundbreaking and enjoyed the world over. I was at this UK leg of the tour and it is still one of the best I have been too.

I also listen to some classical music when the mood takes me. It calms me these days I find and is not as boring as some people would claim. I was fortunate to get a couple of free tickets to a Classical Spectacular at the Metro Arena and it was a great night. We both enjoyed ourselves more than we dreamed we would and really want to go to another one if possible.  This is a trailer of what you could expect, its patriotic, but plays many overtures etc from different composers,

So what comes next on my musical journey? I dont really know. I have playlists galore across many internet sites and I listen to them constantly. My favourite right now is a Rock Classics playlist that is just what it says it is really, just a whole host of songs that I love to  listen to.

So I think I started writing this about 11am, its now 10pm, so its about time I wrapped it up. I hope you enjoy my musical journey through the years and find something amongst it all to make you smile and maybe a song you like along the way.

Toodle Pip.

Child Montage

Just another of my little video montage’s this time with children as the theme, hope you find something to tickle your fanci 😉

1: When a Child is Born, Johnny Mathis

2: Sweet Child O’Mine, Guns N Roses

3: Child in Time, Deep Purple.

4: The Man with the Child in His Eyes, Kate Bush

5: Belfast Child, Simple Minds

6: Children of the Revolution, T-Rex.

7: If You Tollerate This Your Children Will Be Next, Manic Street Preachers.

8: Real Wild Child, Iggy Pop

9: Jesus to a Child, George Michael

10: Motherless Child, Eric Clapton.

Every single one of these songs mean something to me. Thats why they went in, but it would take all night to tell you all the reasons, so I wont.

What’s in a Name?

This time I treat you to a montage of songs that feature womens names. I have done my best to throw in a bit of everything to keep my discerning listeners happy. I am sure you will find something in there you like or is to your musical taste.

I love doing these as I love music, if there are any requests out there for a top 10/20, then I will happily oblige.

I hope you enjoy some of these anyway.



1: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, The Beatles

2: My Sarah, Thin Lizzy

3: Eleanor Rigby, The Beatles

4: Jennifer, Bert Sommer

5: Tell Laura I love Her, Ricky Valance

6: I Never Loved Eva Braun, The Boomtown Rats

7: Bette Davis Eyes, Kim Carnes

8: Lay Down Sally, Eric Clapton

9: Caroline, Status Quo

10: Jack and Diane, John Cougar Mellencamp

11: Come on Eileen, Dexys Midnight Runners,

12: Eloise, The Damned

13: Christine, Siouxsie and the Banshees

14: Gloria, U2

15: Layla, Eric Clapton

16: Maggie May, Rod Stewart and the Faces

17: Rhonda, The Beach Boys

18: Rhiannon, Fleetwood Mac

19: Suzie Q, Creedence Clearwater Revival

20: Valerie, Mark Ronson ft Amy Winehouse

Walk this way

The theme of the day is walking. I just walkedback from an appointment and did it 30-35 mins, which for me is absolutely brilliant. If it was on a scale of one to ten, it would hit nine for sure. Anyway, enough waffle,

1: Walking on Sunshine, Katrina and the Waves.

2: Walk, U2

3: Walk on By, Dionne Warwick

4: Walk this Way, Run DMC ft Aerosmith

5: Walk the Line, Johnny Cash

6: Walk of Life, Dire Straits

7: Walk on the Wild Side, Lou Reed

8: Walk Away, Franz Ferdinand

9: You’ll Never Walk Alone, Gerry and the Pacemakers

10: Walk Like an Egyptian, The Bangles

And a special bonus today, only because its a classic and so damned silly.

So this weekend, I want to see you all doing incredibly silly walks wherever you are. Have some fun with it and make someone smile.

Have a great weekend.

If you like House music, you wont like this?

1: In the house in a heartbeat, Theme to the film 28 weeks later.

2: House of the rising sun, The Animals, good old Geordie boys!

3: This old house, Shakin Stevens [cover]

4: Our house, Madness.

5: Ghost in my house, R Dean Taylor

6: This is our house, Bon Jovi

7: Houses of  the Holy, Led Zeppelin

8: Burning dow the house, The Cardigans ft Tom Jones

9: A house is not a home, Luther Vandross

10: Rock this house, BB King and Elton John

The Devil has an ear for music too.

This could well be Satans top ten if he is also a music lover.

1: Race with the Devil : Girlschool

2: The Devil went down to Georgia : Charlie Daniels Band

3: Devil Woman : Bruce Willis

4: Better the Devil you know : Steps

5: Dancing with the Devil : Cozy Powell

6: Runnin with the Devil : Van Halen

7: Devil may care : Diana Krall

8: Devilgate Drive : Suzi Quatro

9: The Devil came from Kansas : Procol Harum

10: Me and the Devil Blues : Robert Johnson