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The long count passes on, relentlessly,
The days drift by without remorse,
The sands of time roll onwards, across deserts,
The sundial meets its zenith, one last time.

The End of Days is predicted, expected,
The end of life as we know it to be,
The change will be upon us, above us,
The Age of Aquarius is nigh.

The sun will climb high, its solstice with winter days,
Align with the galactic plane, it meets,
The event of a lifetime, single, threatening,
Looms larger with the passing of cycles.

The Earth turns, its axis the point of no return,
The magnetic poles reverse, tips, tilts,
Our lives topple, cease, then reborn,
The new eon has arrived, to live, to love.

What once was, is gone, depleted by force,
What once was, is no longer with us in our hour of need,
What once was is no more, eroded by storms that were ours,
What once was, shall be again, let it be.

The tick, the tock, of our being is loud,
The timepiece reflects on the universe and its mirror,
Onwards soldiers of time, march to victory,
Let us breathe once again.


2012, This year and a host of other BS

I was just thinking, due to circumstances beyond my control, I wish I could change my tag on here. Pspacer11, a play on Tino11 is no longer my preferred tag and I wish I could revert to Tino11, my long time other self.

2012 is making a few headlines again [in deepest, darkest Northumberland] so I decided to read something about all the boo hah haah. I did find some very interesting reading matter on all kinds of prophecy and doomsdays et al. Its not a subject I know a great deal about. I have heard the date mentioned, seen the film [not that good] and now read a few articles on the subject and to be honest, it appears to me to be another case of interpretation. Like so many other things in life, its how we interpret writings, sayings, ancient texts etc etc and most can be twisted and turned and tipped out to mean basically what we want them too. Dec 21st 2012 is the end date of the Mayan calendar. Whoopee do I hear you say and I am inclined to agree. These Mayans were stargazers in the extreme and plotted a great many galactic events with planets and stars and exuinoxes and eclipses, comets and solar events. Very advanced for the time and very accurate by all accounts. But the way they plotted time was complicated, using three [yes 3] different calendars to map out the future. It appears to be the long count version that is best used to describe 2012. I dont know what the other two versions support, no one seems to make much ref to that. But the Mayan civilisation was very ancient and we have our Spanish cousins to thank for wiping them off the face of the earth. Without their intervention, there would be far more evidence that could be used to support or negate the forecast of 2012. There are others who believe that 2012 is the end of the fifth or sixth cycle of time. Lets face it, in year 2000BC, there is only so far anyone can count. I am sure then, 2012 seemed a long way off.

Dec 21st 2012 is a important date for one reason though. The sun in the winter equinnox sits at 0% to the galactic plane [google it, I cant explain it] and that is an event that doesn’t come around too often, or so we like to think or we are often told. But how does 150,000 times grab you? Yes, thats right, 150,000 times. If, as most experts predict, the universe is in the region of 4.5 billion years old/young, then this so called rare event has already occurred 150,000 times and the earth is still in one piece. So that kind of puts things into some form of perspective. Ok, Dec 21st 2012 is one of those dates that this alignment takes place and no doubt, in weeks/months/years to come we shall hear much more about it. But like most events [remember the millenium bug]? it will pass by with a whimper and life as we know it will continue. Thats my take on what little I have read about the Mayan calendar and 2012.

I am currently trying to find something to do with all my spare time in 2011. Though if the Mayans are to be believed, I am wasting my time, I am trying to find some volunteer work to do. Someone, somewhere must have use for a slightly demented forty something man who just likes to help, although some only see it as hindrance, but my heart is in the right place. But it is proving to be harder than I thought. I was hoping to have irons in the fire by now, as we enter March, with the possibility of a start date on the horizon. But alas, it is not to be. 2011 is slowly turning into a very frustrating year and I could do without that. I am trying to be more positive and optimistic, but, the more I stand still, the backwards I go. I know thats a contradiction in terms, but standing still for me this year is not an option, but circumstance seems determined to prevent that occurrance. I have, for the first time in a long time, some forward momemtum and I desperately need that to continue. I have focused for far too long on what cant be done instead of what can be done, that time has passed and its a time to change, hopefully for the better. But so far I have banged my head on the proverbial brick wall and have seen little by way of results. Although I was on a website today that was asking for volunteers for some neuroscience experiments, which I would imagine might be quite interesting. As I have some neurological problems, maybe we could kill two birds with one stone? I sent my details anyway and shall see what happens. I like to help [yes, I know, I already said that, I am just proving a point] and maybe, just maybe, with my history, they could find something of use. Its all research being done at the local university [closest i wam likely to get to a Uni] and if I can help someone graduate or further their career by offering something of interest and use, then all the better, something worthwhile will have come of it.

The rest of what I have read is not really of interest to me. I dont want to do fundraising even though its very worthwhile. I dont want to work in a charity shop, I know all charities need funds, but me in a shop? I just dont see it. I dont really want some boring admin job, that would be a backward step in my eyes. I dont want to walk dogs or buddy a person with learning difficulties. All very just causes and rewarding in their own way, just not me. So for now, the search continues. I am under no pressure from outside sources, I am doing this for me, i am challenging myself and I hope I can rise to that challenge.

So there ya go. 2012, 2011 and some other BS and just another blog really. It all helps get my head in the right place and keep it there. No doubt be adding more and very soon.

Thanks to anyone who does reads the ramblings of a slightly demented forty something. That aint negative, just my take on myself in a humourous way and if you fail to see that, you dont know me very well.