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Tino 1-Life 1

The equaliser was inevitable. The pressure has been building and today, my back four got in a right old mess and gave away a sloppy goal. The hard work we do on the training ground counted for nothing.

OK,OK,OK, I know, whats he on about? Is he totally nuts? Life isn’t a football game [soccer to my American friends].

I am kind of keeping score in my battles with good and bad days and today has been a good, bad day, if you get my drift.

Tuesday is always a busy day here. Tinks arrives about 7.45 and stays until Dad arrives from work and has a meal with us. We have her all day and today was no different. We all stayed in this morning as we had a meeting with the owner of a new nursery scheduled for 2pm. Tinks will be moving soon and we need to find a new nursery for her. I have been spending a lot of time recently researching schools and nurseries in the area they are moving to and found a real gem. The couple who own the place own a couple of other nurseries in the area and the OFSTED reports are outstanding. This nursery is small [27 attending] with a high staff/child ratio. Its run on the Montessori principle which revolves around the findings of an Italian physician and educator after years of research into child behaviour. It’s new to me is this, never heard of it before. I did a little research into the practice and it is highly thought of in some circles, but criticised by others. I think, we think, that it will suit Tinks very well. The smaller numbers are better for her and the high ratio of staff to pupils will definitely help her as she responds well one to one. If you want to know more, click the link,


We arrived just before 2 and I have to admit, the initial impression was not good. The building is a wood and brick construction with a multicoloured sign on the front gable, which looks impressive. But the building just looks like it belongs somewhere else. But once you step inside, you realise what a real jewel this place is. The staff are friendly and helpful, the children use different learning areas in mixed age groups and there was no crying, no screaming, no tantrums. It was all smiles from the kids and staff and the kids looked happy and were obviously absorbed in what they were doing. We spoke to the owner and listened to what she had to say and she sells the place really well. We asked a few questions which were all answered in detail and we left with very positive impressions of the whole set up. We rang our son immediately and told him to phone the owner and have a chat ASAP and he did and by the time we reached home, times and days had been agreed and she is due to start there after the Easter break. So that’s all good.

Got home, had to make us all something to eat. I am chief cook and bottle washer around these parts, the kitchen is my domain, enter at your own risk! This day, I was prepared. I do believe in PPPPPPP [prior preparation and planning, prevents piss poor performance] and I had a large pan of lentil soup just ready to heat and eat. That went down a storm as usual, Tinks loves homemade soup, so do we, better than any crap out of a tin or carton for sure. All pure wholesome vegetables, good roughage, lol. Then I set to and made sea bass in a tomato butter sauce as our son loves sea bass, boiled new potatoes with butter and mixed organic veg. Tinks wasn’t best pleased and only ate a little then wanted more soup, lol. Always eager to please, grandma took her plate and I delivered more soup and she wolfed the lot.

Then once Tinks and our boy had gone, it was tidy up time and get us some food. We couldn’t be arsed to cook anymore, so it was a bowl of fresh profiteroles in chocolate sauce, a hot cuppa followed by toasted tea cakes. That filled the void. The dishes are piled up and they can stay that way until the morning, I will do them then. We are both knackered and I want to play poker at 11pm, if I can stay awake! Thats a big ask, I am finding it hard going now and still 45 mins to go, lol. I think I need the surgical tape again!

Then I set to replying to the removal companies in the hope of finding one that will work over Easter. I eventually had a reply from one of them and they will do it for £250, which is a steal. They start at 9.30am, there’s not a huge amount to move and it will be done in one load, no messing about.

So today has been tough on me, very tiring, but we have achieved something, that’s the important part. Oh, I almost forgot. I also spent some time compiling a list of Doctors and Dentists surgeries in the area they are moving to. Popped into my once favourite poker forum then landed here to write this up. A good day, but they always come at a price, I will have to wait and see what the demands of the ferryman are.

Toodle Pip.


Whats on tv tonight? Shite is what, as per usual.

First things first.

My heart goes out to those who are suffering because of the earthquake and tsunami that have hit Japan today. My thoughts are with you and my hopes are yours.

Its been a busy [ish] day. We were late up, well, when I say late, I mean 9am, that’s late for my partner who is usually up around 6am for work. So taking a couple of extra hours in bed is a luxury to her. She still was up and about before me and bought me a cuppa in bed as she normally does. I hate that she has a day of work and she still gets up and makes me a cup of tea. Maybe next time I can beat her to it.

Job of the day for me was to sort out a stack of documents that have been multiplying in my drawer. I have put it off for long enough. So I set about the task and its amazing what one can dispose of. It’s all paperwork, some useful, some compulsory and some utter rubbish. Most things occupy large envelopes and that helps. I write on each envelope what its contents are, but they still end up a mess as more and more documents come through the post.

It took me the best part of 90 minutes to get it all sorted out and I am left with half a rain forest that needs to be shredded as they are personal stuff from banks, doctors and hospitals. A real identity cloners dream if it’s just binned. I have a cross shredder and its well used. I am maybe paranoid about ID theft and do all I can to prevent giving these fuckers a head start. Anyway, I got it all sorted and put away in relative files and envelopes and the drawer looks much tidier, is much lighter and I can find things again. I even came across a tax rebate to the tune of £185 that I had filed in there and forgotten about. How do you forget about a cheque for £185 I hear you ask? Well if you knew me, then you wouldn’t bother asking the question. Part of my ongoing condition is short term memory loss. I ask my partner if she would like a drink. I go to the kitchen and by the time I get there, I have forgotten the reason why. It’s a friggen nightmare! I can remember something from 10 yrs ago, but can’t remember something from 10 minutes ago.

Once that was all done and dusted, it was coffee time. Latte’s all round in tall glasses, delicious. We drank them and were talking about the usual BS that we do and time was drifting by. A phone call and the mother in law was on her way to pay a visit. Always welcome here, we get on great. She is not my real mother in law, I am not married, never have been, but it’s just easier to say it that way. She had bought with her a new scarf and bobble hat that a friend knit for the little one. Lovely pastel colours and I am sure she will love them. A roll of bin liners that are too big for her bin, we seem to go through them like anything, so again, always useful. After some chat, she left and we decided to go out and look at some curtains and fabrics at a newish shop near us. The sitting room was decorated last year, but can we find curtains to finish it off? can we heckers like. There were some promising fabrics all in decent colours and a pair of curtains that are somewhere near close to what we are looking for. £125 a metre is a bit steep though, so I think we will pass on those. But we could get a compromise at £25 a metre. That’s promising. I shall contact them again tomorrow with some measurements and get a price from them and then we can think about it.

We walked home the “long” way, which is good exercise for us both, even though I am so slow. Any exercise is better than none. By the time we got back, it was time to start thinking about some food. I do most of the cooking around here, so we soon had our menu sorted and the oven on. A quick tidy up and we were about ready. A glass of wine to wash it down with and all is good in the world.

We watched a bit of tv, but its all soap operas and I hate them. I tolerated them until dessert, then it was time to log on for the first today. I knew nothing of events in Japan, so reading about that was harrowing to say the least. I have seen some pictures and read about the unfolding of events. I was dumbstruck by it all and still am. Not been 5 minutes since New Zealand was hit. Why do these things always seem to occur just after a new year?

So that’s about my day so far. I have a poker game in 40 mins. A good crowd play on a friday and we have a laugh. We all belong to the same poker forum, who shall remain nameless because of differences of opinion of late. I hope the kiddy fiddler who sometimes shows up is not there, I find it hard to ignore the bastard. If he is there, he is going to get some stick  from me, no worries. After that there is a buy in game at 11pm, or I might just go and play some more DoN games. My partner has work tomorrow, so it’s another early  start for her. She wont be late away to bed, but I will still be up and about until 1-1.30am, then time for bed for me as well. The tv is shite tonight, not even a decent film [movie] on anywhere, so poker will have to suffice.

Until tomorrow, this is uncle Tino saying toodle pip.