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Illegal downloads, thats what ya get for your troubles!

I guess it really serves me right. I should know better. You dont get something for nothing in this life unless you are extremely fortunate or lucky, or are they the same thing?

Last night, I decided I need some new tunes to listen to whilst I am online, which lets face it, can be all day a lot of the time. So I googled for a few sites to download some MP3 tunes from and after a good browse, I decided which site to use and set about building a decent length playlist for my WMP [windows media player]. There are kinds of files out there and they are not all compatable with each other. Sometimes you need a converter to change from one file type to another and it gets very time consuming and also very frustrating I find as a lot of files have to be done more than once due to “errors”.

But anyway, I set about the task with gusto and I was downloading songs in no time. A quick pre download check to ensure the correct song was targeted and away we jolly well go. It was going great and I was getting some quality tunes and best of all, they were free! Ya just cant beat free. Did I mention you get nothing for nothing these days? Oh, I did, well, its true in my experience.

However, I continued well into the night and when I did bother to check what hour it was, I was astounded to see it was 2am already. Hang on, who stole the night? I started around 9pm, ish, and all of a sudden, 5 hours are missing. But, the playlist was 1st class. 100% classic rock and overflowing with great tunes.

A few Zeppelin songs crept in, a few Floyd, just one or two Eric Clapton tracks [including Cream and John Mayals Blues Breakers] Some Free and Bad Company, a little Rainbow and Deep Purple, a fair smattering of AC/DC and some Rush, Band of Joy, Iron Maiden, Stiltskin, Steelers Wheel and Steve Miller Band, some BB King, a dash of Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Who [yes, heard all the jokes] some Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eagles, Bon Jovi, Ugly Kid Joe, The Cult, Hawkwind, Norman Greenbaum found a way in, George Thorogood and Dr Feelgood were there, UFO, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Boston, Aerosmith, Guns n Roses, Journey, it was all good stuff and I could not wait to get up this morning and start listening to this little lot.

Imagine my horror when I could not find one track, not a single one. The full list was there on WMP, but in title only, nothing else, just air. I was like a rabid dog, I could not believe my eyes or ears. All that time and effort and nothing to show for it apart from a list of songs with no lyrics on instruments. Oh man, I was crestfallen, downbeat and almost defeated……almost! 12 months ago, I would now be minus a laptop, but these days, I can cope that little bit better.

Like a phoenix from the flames, the playlist was reconstructed as near to the original as is possible from memory. In a minor fit of pique the list got deleted, so I had no choice but to do it from memory. This time though, I built an online playlist and didn’t download a single track. Last time I looked, all was fine, hunky dory and all that. The list was there, the songs played and were good quality, but the embed link didn’t work and the player didn’t pop out like all good media players should.

So all in all, for something like 8-9 hours of my time was spent building a playlist that decided it would prefer just to be a list that didn’t play.

I did mention you dont get something for nothing in this life, theres a fine example of what I mean.

Downloading music? No thanks, legal or otherwise, you can keep it.