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I Feel Love

Her soft satin hand, cooler,
Than a summer breeze, grazed,
The course five o’clock shadow upon my shaven face,
Her genteel silk hair, billowed,
About her freckled face, akin to,
A mellifluous sigh.

Golden sands beneath feet, smooth,
Abrade toes, likewise heels,
Laundered by ripples of vast, turbulent oceans,
Fingers, delicately entwined,
Twinned bands of silver, reflecting,
Suns dying embers.

Dancing Aurora Borealis, distant,
Diffused horizons, of,
Diminishing indigo, fading to oblivion, on,
Sirocco’s chill,
Horripilations break our flesh,
Capitulate to the night.

Warm torrents abuse, yet,
Assuage our naked bodies, candlelights,
Quiver in a draughts continuous flux,
Dispassionate towels absorb lingering moisture,
Radiant coals cast their unspoken spells, upon,
Our embrace on sable furs.

Tactual sensations kindle flames of desire,
Animated shadows cavort their pleasure,
Firm breast endorses your anticipation of a kiss,
Heightened senses respond, reciprocate in ecstasy,
The onslaught achieves its crescendo,
Satiated, glistening bodies fuse their acceptance.

Todays prompt was Texture. I believe, not only does texture exist to the touch, but it also exists to the eye, visual texture. I have tried here to combine elements of both.I believe that this is one of those instances where having the words read to you whilst you closed your eyes, would be infinitely better than just reading the words. If I knew how to do that, I would, but sadly, I don’t.

Hope you enjoy it anyway. Its one of those I might well come back to and edit parts of at a later date.

This was written for Monday Morning Writing Prompt.