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Hersham Boys, Hersham Boys.

Not that long ago, football [soccer] hooliganism was rife in England and other European countries. Street battles were commonplace before and after matches. Green Street [movie] featured a ‘crew’ that never really went to watch football [soccer] they just went to fight. The crew were loosely based around West Ham’s Inter City Firm, who traveled by train to most games. There were notorious for using Stanley Knives in attacks on rival supporters. If you don’t know what a Stanley Knife is, then click the link, http://www.stanleytools.com/default.asp?TYPE=CATEGORY&CATEGORY=KNIVES. They are a craft knife that can do great damage when used in a slashing motion.

In the late nineteen seventies, punk was the vogue. A band called Sham69 developed a loyal following of skinheads. They called themselves the Hersham Boys, loosely linked to fashion, but that’s another story. Skinheads never understood what they were about, they just found something they could belong to, feel a part of.

England and Germany have a history of course. In football terms, that history is littered with pitch battles and street wars across the globe. It makes me ashamed to be English, but there ya go. So I took Green Street as a muse and altered it slightly to included the England v Germany situation.

The Major was the leader of the crew/firm portrayed in the film [movie] Green Street. He made the arrangements for organised battles [yes, they organised things] and he lead from the front. He was the top dog [or dogs bollocks as the Hersham Boys might say] no one moved without The Majors go ahead.

Also, the 2nd lines  of each verse are from songs often sung at a football match. In this case, it was what the England supporters would chant at the German supporters, with references made to WWII [Bomber Harris] and other instances of English/German meetings.

Lastly, over at dVerse the latest topic is Ballads, Carols and Lullabyes. I tired to make this a little Ballad Like. Old football hooligans love nothing more than reciting and reminiscing about the ‘good old days’ of violence and hatred.


Large groups of lads roam the town,
“Come and have a go if ya think ya hard enough”,
Its all born of testosterone,
And other manly stuff.

Shaven heads, big boots and braces,
“You’re gonna get ya fuckin head kicked in”,
More caveman chanting,
Heard above the din.

Tattoos galore, love and hate,
“We will fight forevermore, because of New Years Day”
These fellas think that they are hard,
How hard I could not say.

15 pints down the pub,
“I’m England till I die, England till I die”,
Stanley knives the order of the day,
Not long ’till fists will fly.

The Major calls the boys to war,
“England aggro, England aggro, hello, hello”
The rumble was pre agreed,
In the subway down below.

The Germans there have set their trap,
“There’s only one Bomber Harris, one Bomber Harris”,
Today English blood will flow,
Upon the streets of Paris.

The boys are in a frenzy, ready for the fight,
“Fuck em all, fuck em all, we’ll never be mastered by no German bastards”
St George Cross and Union Jack,
Are this army’s only standards.

The scene is set, battle commences,
England rush the German defences,
Their forward line is almost breached,
The turning point is rapidly reached.

From behind they hear the chants,
Sieg heil, Sieg heil, Sieg heil,
The Major knows they sprung the trap,
He see’s the Germans guile.

From front and rear they are attacked,
There’s no place left to run,
The Germans have the upper hand,
The battles almost won.

With broken limbs and bloody faces,
The Major accepts they are defeated,
That’s what you get ya silly twat,
For being so conceited!

A few explanations

Shaven heads, big boots and braces were the skinheads regalia.

Tattoos they often had were Love and Hate across the knuckles of each hand.

All skinheads thing they are hard [tough] and always want to prove it [morons]




The Theatre of Dreams.

They walk the tunnel like  
Gladiators to the Colosseum,
The Theatre of Dreams awaits,
Expectant crowd roars its approval,
As they stride into view.

The mighty Red Devils,
Prowl, Jaguars stalking their prey,
The challengers,
Resplendent in blue,
Stand firm in the face of adversity.

Formalities complete,
The combatants take position,
An eerie silence settles,
The mob draw their breath,
Let battle commence!

The shrill sound of the whistle,
assaults the ear,
22 men, waging war,
Superiority lies with the brave,
The spoils to the strong.

Barely 36 seconds pass,
The error forced,
The Red Devil seizes the moment,
Control, shoot,
Goal, goal, goal.

The battle rages,
Heroes to later emerge,
The war ebbs and flows,
A set piece looms, dark,
Courageous Vidic, steals in unseen.

Goal, goal, goal,
The Theatre erupts in applause,
The rapture, vivid amongst their faces,
The sweet smell of Victory lingers,
History is being written.

The Title is now theirs to lose,
The valiant blues surrender the cause,
Anguish on faces,
The truth of defeat, as,
Battle weary troops exit.

The Theatre of Dreams is Manchester United’s home stadium. Yesterday, in the English Premier League, the top two teams, Manchester United and Chelsea played what was virtually a title decider. M United should now go on and win the title as they are six points ahead of Chelsea with only two games left to play. With three points for a win and one point for a draw, I think the task is a thankless one now for Chelsea.

This will be title number 19 for Manchester United, which surpasses Liverpool FC, who have 18. There is great rivalry between these two teams and it has always been Sir Alex Ferguson’s [ Man Utd manager] ambition, to take that record away from Liverpool. It looks like he has finally succeeded.

My submission to the Monday Morning Writing Prompt.

Sundays? You can keep em.

Sunday again, probably  the worst day of the week for me personally. I have never liked Sundays ever since I was a kid. My old man and mother [bless em] split when I was about 2 [ish] and my dad ended up working abroad for months at a time. One sunday, he was saying his goodbyes and the top 30 chart was playing on the radio, every sunday 4pm until 6pm I think it was. The charts were important back then, not like now. Anyway, I can remember that the radio was playing, I would be 5? and Terry Jacks was #1 with Seasons in the Sun [I still hate that song] and I was in tears because I wouldn’t see my dad for 6 months or something like that. So Sundays have never been a good day for me. Its strange what psychological damage can be done by something like that. Mid forties now and still don’t like Sundays. What makes it even worse, my partner works a daft rota at work and that includes every other weekend, so like today, I am just here alone, trying to amuse my self. So no, you can keep Sundays for me.

So what does the day hold? Well the Six Nations Rugby is in full swing now. England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy contest the tournament every year. It was only 5 nations until Italy joined a few years back. I like watching it. Today 2.30pm, England v Scotland play for the Calcutta Cup, which is just a side trophy that’s been around for like forever. England have won their first three games, defeating France, Italy and Wales so the Grand Slam and Triple Crown are up for grabs. If a team wins all 5 games, that’s the Grand Slam, if England beat Ireland, Scotland and Wales, that’s the Triple crown. So with two left to play, its game on and todays game will be a cracker. The passion in anything that involves England and Scotland is amazing. The two countries have fought each other down the centuries and played sporting events and it’s always the same. For the time it takes to play a game, England and Scotland hate each other. So today will be a real battle, but a fair one mostly and England are favourites to win.

Theres also the little matter of the FA Cup going on as well. Yesterday, Manchester United and Bolton Wanderers both won to go into the semi finals. The other two games play today as well. West Ham United take on Stoke City and Manchester City take on Reading. I will watch the rugby and then the highlights of the football later on tonight. I saw Man Utd beat Arsenal yesterday, it was a decent game and a good result for Man Utd. Poor Arsenal, they have gone out of 3 competitions in the last 2 weeks. They got beaten in the Carling Cup by Birmingham City, that was an upset, then they went out of the Champions League to Barcelona and then the FA Cup to Man Utd. I am laughing as I write this as I am not a lover of the Gooners [nickname for Arsenal]. So Arsenal only have the EPL [English Premier League] left to win and they are in second place behind Man Utd.

Theres chores to do before the Rugby starts. The dishes need washing and the dinner preparing, so once I finish here, its into the kitchen I go. I have plenty of time, so no rush. I just hope the pork is defrosted before I roast it. Always seems to take forever to defrost meat. So hopefully, the dinner will be ready once the rugby is finished. If I time it right. I enjoy cooking, so no big deal. Dishes I hate, but they are on of life’s necessary evils.

Hopefully, once the Rugby is finished and dinner, then I will try to catch some of the CC event on Pokerspace. A few friends play [I won it last year, but am giving this one a miss] and its good to rail when I can. Hopefully I will see some decent poker played again. It’s a very unique tournament. Its called the Crew Cup. Each crew has 6 members and for some points, each crew tries to qualify for the finals which will be coming soon. The prize is an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas to play in the OFC Live event. That went down well last year with 2 players from Pokerspace making the final table of the main event. I can’t explain how it all works, it would take too long. But every Sunday at 6pm GMT the qualifying game takes place where one or two crews will make it to the finals. The final is a four game series played over two weekends. The winners go to Vegas and plays the live event. I have friends who play on different crews and I am pretty sure they have all made the final now. But you can try to block out other crews even after you have qualified. Like I said, it’s a unique tournament that does throw up its fair share of drama. But if you have a group of friends to play with, or just join a random crew like I did last year, then you can play in it. The games can be tough, as you need to play as a team, which in poker is just not done. Collusion is acceptable between crew mates, so it can get tricky. Last year, not only did the MnM’s the damn thing, we also got what is called a clean sweep, which is crew mates finishing first, second and third. It’s easily done and I am pretty sure there are only 4 or 5 crews who have done it so far. My good mate Dave and his crew did it earlier this year, so was well pleased for him, he is a good player and a good poker buddy. So I hope I can watch some of that later on. The game will go on for three maybe four hours, so plenty of time to rail.

So that’s my sunday in a nutshell. Busy, but not, if you get my meaning.

Toodle Pip