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The Look

I happened to read, the other day, a post from C. Rose that is in the form of Hyper- Thrice.  It is a form I have not come across before and I just had to have a bash at seeing if I could write one to the form that made some semblance of sense. So my task for today was to attempt my own Hyper Thrice and see if its creator thinks I have done it justice.

So here goes,

That lost look,
That most beautiful face,
Haunted by lies, untruths, betrayal?

Could that be a twisted portrayal?
For us all to embrace,
That lost look.

That hard look,
That granite chiseled face,
Cold eyes freeze glazier deep, vivid blue?

A persona you wish to construe?
One that would help replace,
That lost look.

That soft look,
Tender, loving, fervent,
Enslaving my soul, bend to your will?

This prophecy, the urge to fulfill?
I am bound, a servant,
To that look.

Any comments, constructive critisisms accepted with gratitude as it only helps me grow into a better poet and person.


No Choice [Shadorma]

This has come about in a very roundabout way. Its yet another form thats new to me, but one I shall attempt to embrace and do justice.

I was looking for somewhere to post today. I visited Victoria’s blog to see if there was anything that she follows or submits to and found this lttle snippet,


I immediately thought, hmmm, whats this? Upon reading, I find its yet another form of poetry I know nothing about. So I do some research which led me to One Stop Poetry and this archive and its follow up.  After reading them both, and some other material, it was time to have a go myself, I just can’t resist the challenge 😉

The challenge in part II was to use either one of two poems to then disect and make into a Shadorma. Well, I did, but didn’t do that.  The first poem was an untitled piece from Lovely Annie and seemed to me to be about smoking and the possible repercussions. So I decided to do my own slant on that.

3 years ago I quit smoking. I was hospitalised for 12 days and just thought, if I can go 12 days, then I can go 13, 14, 15, so I did and that was that. Smoke free and all the better for it. So here is my take on that period, using an idea from Annie.


Mute contemplation,


Just one hit,

The craving for toxins strong,

Yet impossible.


I think I have it right as far as syllable count goes.

High Octain Poker

The challenge from OSP on Monday was to attempt a High Octain, which is a double version of an ordinary/low Octain. Its a new poetry form, created by Luke Prater. I had the honour of him taking a Low Octain I had written, in a local dialect fashion, and giving some constructive critisism and ideas of how to improve the effort. So here we go, never one to forsake a challenge, I have produced this effort in the hope that it is somewhere close to the form required. The title is a play on words and should make the subject matter fairly obvious.

The race began, much like the last,
Some players old, some players new,
Novices play and make their debut,

Table the stage, players the cast,
Rail was set, awaiting first bet,
Action came thick, Action came fast,

Of limpers there were, only a few
The race is on, aim to outlast.

The race is on, chips are amassed,
Short stacks will shove, as if on cue,
Blinds stolen amidst latest coup,

Final table, bubble passed,
Making the cash, do nothing rash,
Taking it down, rail is aghast,

Standing so proud, champion new
Race won, opponents outclassed.

There are a few instances where poker terminology is used.

Rail: The audience in a live game.

Limper: A player who only calls the Big Blind.

Blind [big and small]: Forced bet at the start of every hand, raising as time passes.

Short Stack: Player with hardly any chips left.

Bubble: The point where you make the money in a tournament

I hope I did the form and myself justice here.

You can be the judge of that.

My submission to One Stop Form