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There it is again
that friggin finger that pokes and
prods each and every day of
the goddamned week,
and twice as often
come the Saturdays and Sundays of this
forsaken existence.

ceasless noise,
blood splatters reek
of cordite,
grenades, rip roaring
numb my brain,
shit, the bombs
bigger and better as
each new one arrives

Hack, slash,
Stab and impale,
Swordfights, gauntlets
thrown down in endless
armies of thousands, ready
to sack a waiting world,
its unbearable!

No, no, no
i beg of you
boom boom boom boom
enhance the bass, graphic
the equalizer, balance the bins
tweak the tone
boom boom boom boom
guitar heroes all
one day
one day soon
i shall wreak my revenge

I am the warrior
I am the mage
I am the hero
of the age
i am
who you choose me to be!

I pray for a power surge
an early death
for today
peace and tranquility
mine to but dream of
for even death
is better
than this life i

I have zero idea if I have got this anywhere near right. but I had a bash anyway. Over at d’Verse, my #1 poetry hangout, Anna outlines what Negative Capability is about in poetry. Its all a little over my head as I had about no formal education from about age 11. I have read it over so many times, anymore and I will just confuse mysef even further. I have read a few offerings by others and kinda followed their lead really. Hopefully, even if this does not quite fit the requirements, it might just raise a smile.

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Being Me

This is just a semi sad, semi humourous look at what its like being me these days. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, which makes a very pleasant change.

The moment I open my eyes in my bed
The spin doctor awakens inside my head
The camponologist gets to work as well
Determined to ring his tubular bell

My world doesn’t revolve around the sun
It revolves around me which aint much fun
The bells dont ring out in joyful celebration
They are just a source of my constant frustration

So with the undulating ground beneath my feet
I stagger away along down the street
Many stare and believe I am pissed
My feet and the ground cant coexist

Old terra firma is not where it should be
Its just another case of my brains trickery
It loves to create some illusions and games
As I call the pavement a few obscene names

The bus passengers love to turn and stare
It happens so often that I no longer care
Children gawk with mouths open wide
That is the look I cannot abide

Meanwhile the bells continue to chime
The camponologist working some overtime
He’s upping the volume its rising to a crescendo
I now know what it was like to be Quasimodo!

Whistling “I’m so dizzy” to myself as I walk
Eyes on my target like those of a hawk
If the target stayed still I’m sure I could hit [it]
Who am I kidding? I have to admit

Through all of this trouble, all of this strife
I am determined to continue along the road of my life
At least I aint got some malignant brain trumour
And I still retain a good sense humour

Some days I laugh, some days I cry
Whichever it is, I somehow get by
Stay strong, stay pround be all you can be
It could have been worse, you could have been me!!

Pissed [Drunk]

Pavement [Sidewalk]

Posted with all the good folk @dVerse for open link night.

Poker, Acceptance and Cheers, WTF??

psssst, the poetry bit is down the bottom if you wish to skip the diatribe 😉

Just recently, me and a poker buddy got to debating just what it is that keeps people coming back to Pokerspace, some having been absent for long periods of time. The one anecdote that fitted so well was The Cheers [remember Cheers] theme tune. I think it was titled “Where Everyone Knows Your Name”, or something along those lines.

I thought about that and then began tracing my online timeline, much like Facebook does for you these days. And the more I looked and thought, the more sense The Cheers Syndrome as I have decided to call it, made.

Most people like to be accepted for the person they are and fit into a social group at some level or other. Some people will say thats not important to them. I think, I believe, that 99.9% of the human race strives to be accepted.I know I have wanted that and still do. I like to be where everyone knows my name. Maybe thats partly down to me being Billy no Mates these days. I have always been something of a loner, content in my own company, but also striving to be accepted by some group or other.

When my lad first got me using the internet, the old MSN chat rooms were still very much in existance. I found a group of people there under the banner of The G Spot. It was a social room and its hub was a trivia quiz running 24/7. There was a hardcore of members playing most days and I easily became accepted there and the name/avatar Geo was born. I was accepted AND had an identity. A saying that always makes me laugh where I live is, You must be joking geordie. That became my MSN identity. JokingGeordie was born and is still my Yahoo ID all these years later. My old trivia mate Jack shortened it somewhat to Geo and that stuck as well and is still an ID I use at some poker rooms. Unfortunately, MSN decided to close their chat room services down and I have no idea what happened to the G Spot or its members. I remember how down I felt when the place just disappeared. It was great to go someplace where everybody knew my name.

I love internet radio, always have. I can listen to classic rock any day of the week at any time I choose. I started listening to Radiostorm, a small, independant station in the USA. It had its own chat board that was usually pretty active. I spent many a weekend talking there, listening to some great toons when my lass had to work. It was not long before I was accepted as a regular and everyone knew my name. It was a great little community, full of laughs, dramas, haters, lovers and all the rest you get online. I knew two people got married who met there, the first time I knew that to happen. But it was to be short lived. Its not cheap keeping a radio station going and the owners sold up to another network who closed the place down. I am still in contact with a couple of people I met there and its fun reminising back to those happy days. Good music, great company. A couple of chat rooms sprang up as offshoots of that place and are still going, in a fashion.

After that, I was a web nomad. Just roaming around looking for another home, another place to go where everyone would eventually know my name. My love of music and radio led me to another radio station, 1ClubFM. Its still going in a completely different format than when I first found the place. It was another place where a lot of members were socially active and there was a chat facility that we moderated ourselves. The twats that sprung up from time to time were just chased away. They seldom came back for a second bite. It was another great experience for me. I was accepted yet again and most knew who I was and I got along with just about everyone. We had a tight Brit connection there with our own little place in amongst the various groups that existed at the time. I knew and chatted with people all over the world and again, I am still in contact with one or two. When the place changed ownership and the site was changed, a lot of peeps went over to Fubar, but that place was never my cup of tea. Some stayed there, others moved on. I became an unnoficial Uncle Tino to one or two new borns there and I still follow their progress via the dreaded FB, unbeknown to them. Again, I was upset when that place changed and we all went our seperate ways. FB by this time was rapidly growing into the beast it is today, but that place just doesn’t do it for me.

By this time I was getting into online poker more and more and this was to provide me my current ‘home’. I am no lover of forums. I find them faceless and formal with no soul. Pokerspace had something different to offer. The learning here has never been great, but the sense of community has. Ever since I arrived in 2009 there has been a hardcore membership with some new arrivals and some active members moving on. Again, it was great to be somewhere I was accepted and before too long, everyone knew my name. The laughs we had on Friday nights on Rio are legendary now to those who played that game on a regular basis. It was not about poker, although it was always competetive, it was about friends playing a game and having a good time. Yes, there were one or two idiots always shooting their mouth off, it happens, but overall, it was a good place to be. The fields in most games were a decent size, but not so one game would take all night. The Crew Cup caused a lot of controversy and still does in its present format. But there were a lot more crews involved then. My first crew were tight, then imploded and I think I am the only one left as a reg here, if I can call myself a reg these days? Its still a good feeling though to come to a place in the cyberworld where most know my name and I know theirs. We know the names behind the avatars and we know something about each person, even gormless blue cookie monsters 😉

During my time here at Pokerspace, I have not had the best of health. To help me through that I found I was writing a lot. I became a member of a blog site and was posting regular offerings for about 18 months or so. I still post there, just not as often as I once did. I tend to read more than I write, but I still get a huge amount of enjoyment from that. Open Link Nights on a Tuesday is a great time to read and learn various forms of poetry and I have tried things I never believed I was capable of, in a writing sense. Writing for me is a release mechanism. The things I used to do to blow off steam I can no longer do, so writing helped fill the void somewhat.

I have no idea how long this association with Pokerspace will last. I have seen members migrate to other forums or just leave to follow whatever paths they tread. I have seen some arrive and then leave just as quickly. I have made some solid friends who I hope will remain that way. But life changes, people change and many things can conspire to make people move on. I know for a fact, if I feel this way, so will others, they just might prefer not to admit it, because when all said and done, most of us are not so different to the next person. In a world of 9.5 billion people, sometimes, we just need to be in a place where everyone knows our name.

Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Shuffling, world weary in a pool of
9.5 billion lost souls

Where the fuck do you find solitude
when its obligation screams in your face
generating tentative apathy

Such unrelenting silence, corked
a message in a bottle, vacillating along
the flotsam of our existence
Captured in a picture

Annonymous faces peruse in widowless wonder
craving a home, a community
when neither endure their facsinations
or misgivings

Along primeval lines I see cherished
recollections of acquaintances
walking toward distant chasms

All we consistently desired was to exist
where everyone knew our name.

Wont get fooled again.

Yesterday got off to a flying start. The little one arrived early am and was on good form. She had us laughing within minutes of walking through the door. In many ways, it was a shame she was going to see her other grandma, but she was coming back later on to stay over. She was very tired when she got back and full of cold again. It seems during the winter months the poor bairn [Geordie for child] always has a cold. As much as I hate to criticise the parents, I feel that because they are so used to going everywhere in the car, they forget that when they get out, it can be very cold and the little one gets chilled quickly. They need to learn to make sure she is well wrapped up if they are going out. But trying to tell them is like talking to the wall.

However, the little one came back and we gave her something to eat and drink and got her ready for bed. She had her story as usual and then went to sleep. She had a coughing session around 9pm, but thankfully it didn’t wake her. So until that point, it had been a good day.

I decided to play some poker last night as I have not much recently. I wished I hadn’t bothered. Sadly, I was sat next to a fishy calling station who did not know where the fold button was and he sucked out on me twice when I had raised pre flop and cbet or check raised him. He just didn’t know he was beat and the last hand I shoved with 33 and he called with A8o and hit the ace on the turn. Now calling in that spot with A8o is a pretty terrible play. The fellas stats are lousy. He has a very high VPIP [voluntary put in pot] but a very low PFR [pre flop raise] and also a low AF [aggression factor]. Those 3 stats alone tell you a great deal about the player, but then combine those stats with 3bet and cbet stats and how often they execute those plays, or fold to those plays and you get an even bigger picture. Throw in a couple of position stats and steal folds and you have a very good idea what you are up against. The stats of this player are a joke. He is a real calling station who will play over 40% of starting hands and that can climb to over 50% during some games. He seldom raises, never 3bets and folds to cbets 80% of the time. But last night, he hit 2 and 3 outers to take me down and bust me. Thankfully, recently I have turned the chat off to pay more attention to my game and not get distracted by small talk. That prevented me from calling him a few choice names and I just closed the table, closed the room and went and made a brew [cup of tea]. I let it go and moved on.

I chatted with a mate on Yahoo for a bit about his new laptop and a few other things and then decided it was time to play a few DoN games to finish my night off. So I opened a $3 and a $2 game up and got playing. The $3 went well and I had a decent sized stack by the time we got to the bubble. I stayed out of trouble, folded a couple of big hands to other big stacks and finished in the money. The $2 didn’t go so well. I was not hitting very much and was soon down to 1000 chips and continued to spew even with good hands like AK and AQ and middle PP. It wasn’t long until I busted out of that as it’s no good getting to the bubble and blinding out. I am shoving with a very wide range as soon as the chance presents itself. It’s all in or fold mode and sadly it was all in and busted. I went with A7s in mid position and was called by A9o and they hit the 9 on the flop and I couldn’t improve.

So a 50% success rate to start, pretty standard for me. I always appear to take my time in finding my rhythm and try not to get involved too early. It’s not often you will stack someone early in a DoN game, unless you have AA, KK v QQ or lower and your opponent shoves thinking they are ahead. Thats about the only time you will double up early. Theres always some idiot who will shove early when the blinds are 10/20. Why they do it I have no idea, they risk a lot for little reward and you often find its with marginal hands as well.

But anyway, I opened up another couple of DoN tables. The $3 games were slow last night, but the $2 games were coming thick and fast, so I opted to play two of those. Now I am not one to brag about my skills or ability at a poker table, but for some unknown reason, I do better at the $3 than I do at the $2 games. I can’t identify why. I look through my stats on HEM [Holdem Manager] and there’s nothing there that would indicate a leak at the $2 games. At least not to my eyes anyway. I think I might have to invest in Leakbuster for HEM before too long if this trend continues. It’s not over a huge sample, it’s about 100 games which is nothing really. I am trying to get my roll up so I can move up to the $5 games which is the level I started playing DoN games before I knew anything about BRM [bankroll management]. Now I understand more about BRM, I know I don’t have a big enough roll yet to move up to the $5 games, so I am grinding away at the $2 and $3 games until I reach a figure that I am happy with and that enables me to move up. The 2 tables I had up were terrible. I was card dead in both games. I had the same fella from Oz next to me in both games, one to my right, one to my left. He is a regular nit and I was picking on him. I took him out of one game with and he took me out of the other when maybe I picked on him once too often. I didn’t mind so much. Losing to regulars is no sin, losing to the players who pop up to see what the DoN games are like is a sin, but thankfully not one I am prone to.

I am building a decent database now around the DoN tables and am trying to use those stats to my benefit. Some players I know now and have a very good idea of how they play. But the scene changes so often that keeping stats about all the players is nigh on impossible. Even so, you can see trends quite early and hopefully take advantage of them. I look through my HH and try to look for hands where I made a mistake or could have played it differently. I use HEM to review games as it’s a very good tool for doing that. Combine it will something like Poker Stove and you can take a lot of information from HH. It’s a very under used tool in my opinion at the micro stakes and I am sure if more players took some time to look through their sessions, they would become better players almost overnight.

In between games, I was reading some article called Concept of the Week on 2+2 forums. For any poker player out there, no matter what your level, you will find something of interest in that thread. I read a couple and came across this name more than once. A full ring player goes by the name of SplitSuit. He has a very good website of his own, does some coaching, makes a few videos and overall, his whole set up looks very impressive. Its one I have bookmarked for future ref and something  I can envisage using at some point. I read so much, sometimes you need a third-party involved to help you put it all together. I feel that’s where I am heading. I need to improve a couple of areas of my game. I need to get hand ranges sorted out and also post flop play. I think for the most part, taking mistakes into account as well, my pre flop game is not too bad and I am reasonably happy with that aspect of my game. But it’s no good have a strong pre flop game if you can’t play post flop. So that’s something I am looking to improve this year if at possible.

The little one slept all night which is a godsend and woke about 6.15am. She is with grandma at the soft play and will return before too long. We are going to make some soup this afternoon and eat it later when daddy gets here. I finished the night at the tables, 100 points down and about break even for the DoN games. I would prefer to take four out of six cashes than 3, but 3 is ok in the overall picture of variance. I don’t want to be doing that too often though, the rake will soon kill a BR if that happens too frequently.

So that was my day yesterday, overall, not too bad, just spoilt by one idiot who thinks its ok to call shoves with A8o and call 4xBB raises  with K4s and chase it down to the river when faced with cbets and value bets. I will take more cash or points from him than he will from me, that’s for sure, but that’s little consolation when he has just sucked out on you 3 times.

Poker,Life and Friends

Its been a little while since I wrote a blog, so here goes nothing.

I have still got problems with a scenario I never thought to find myself in. Its been done to death already and I am trying desperately hard to move on. Some days I dont think about things very deeply, so I can makes use of those days in any way I choose. But then on other days my mind whirls like a rotor blade atop a helicopter and I drop into deeler thinking. This is often bought about by having too much time to think, which I have concluded is not good for me 80% of the time. So what do I do about it? Well aint that the $64,000 question? There are lines of thought that are useful, no doubt, but many dwell too long on the negative. I am by nature, not a negative person. It is very hard to be objective and optimistic on any kind of permanent basis.

The poker situation is that I cant bring myself to play right now. The longer I stay away from the tables, the harder it appears to go back  again. Its all bought about by one degenerate and a bunch of jessies [big girls blouse’s] who appear to have little or no moral obligation to the world. They see fit to allow a degenerate to use their forum as he sees fit, while they stand by and watch. Thats all well and good and its their right to do so as they administer the forum. I am sure though, that if affiliates and sites and members knew the full truth of the situation, then the course of action made by this so called administrations group would be somewhat different.

Therein lies another dilema. I like the site, damn, I have even taken on avatars in the name of the place as i like it so much. I use Pspacer11 as tribute to that site and what I thought it stood for. It would seem I am mistaken. I have listened to the arguments for and against and I know which side of the fence I stand. The dilema is though, to walk away on point of principle, or remain and try not to think about it. I have toyed with the idea of informing all sites and affiliates that I can find about what is going on. But then that could potentially harm the enjoyment of other members who I know, like and respect. Its a tough call and one I have to think about no matter how often I try not to. Its a little catch 22 and I doubt whatever actions I take or have taken will be the right ones. So far, what I thought was right has turned out not to be in te eyes of those who make the rules up [as they go along]. How long does a person have to pay from a crime? Maybe that depends on the crime.

I come from a twice broken home where violence against my mother was the norm. The fact that it was perpatrated by my father is neither here nor there. Its very simple, is violence towards women acceptable, no matter what the provocation? I believe not. Maybe that is due to the fact that I have witnessed such events in person and feel extremely strongly about the issue. I would never remain friends, or support any man I knew who had hit a women. In my world its a no brainer, violence against women, by a man is unnacceptable. No arguments, no what ifs, it is not ok to hit a woman, no matter what.

So following on from that, what do I think about rapists? murderers? child abusers? thieves? How long is a piece of string? I have never known a rapist, a murderer, a child abuser before in my life, to the best of my knowledge. I have known thieves for sure, I was one in my younger days and its something I regret bitterly. It was all connected to the background I came from and it was my way of fighting back. That is no excuse. What I did was wrong, plain and simple. I have no idea of the phsychological damage I might have caused. I never stole from a individual. I shoplifted, I broke into wharehouses and lock ups and cars and stole what I could. I did the crime and did my time. It was all juvenile convictions which are erased in the UK once you turn 21 and you start with a clean sheet so to speak. The courts cannot take into account confictions made to juveniles once a person turns 21. Does that make me a bad person? Back then it did. But I made mistakes, I learnt from them and have had 2 speeding fines in the last 25yrs, oh, and one contested parking ticket that was given in error and was deleted from records. Not bad for a tearaway teenager.

So, am I as bad as a sex offender? I guess thats for others to decide. Maybe I am, in layers, but its all comparrable. Is a sex offender as bad as a murderer? I really dont know the answer to that or those questions. All I know is, I am sick and tired of the apathy of the human race concerning such issues. In Saudi Arabia and other middle eastern counrties, for theft I could have lost a hand. Is that extreme? Maybe, but also its effective and works as a deterrent. If I had known that could be a consequence of my actions as a teenager, would I have done the things that I did? I doubt it. I am not smart enough not to get caught, that is my problem. If I knew, that if I raped a woman, I would lose my testicles and penis, would I rape a woman? I doubt it, but can we ever be sure? But, it is what I believe. Rape someone, lose your tackle, simple. Wait, what about those who are wrongly convicted? Well, you cant make omlettes without breaking eggs. It will happen, no doubts about it, but, is making one mistake enough to fuel the argument against such strategies? Liberals will say yes every time, Human Rights Protestors will probably agree. But I have had my fill of the law being stacked in favour of the perps and not the victims of these crimes.

Its ok in principle to allow free will and allow a known paedophile to use the resources of a poker forum. But where do we draw the line? What about the rights of those children he abused? Wheres their say in this matter? What if, one of those same children, turn 18 recently or already and somehow end up joining Pokerspace? Its a small world as we all know and its not impossible. They see that this piece of crap is a member. How the hell are they supposed to feel? Who cares how they will feel? The administrators of the site wont, thats already been shown. This bastard has not broken or contravened any TOS [makes me laugh does that] but if this new member asks the question of why this man [used the term very loosely there] is a member, what can the admin respond with? Does that child give a flying fuck about his civil rights? Does that child care that he has broken no TOS? That also makes me laugh, in a twisted sense. But I dont think anyone really cares if that scenario did occurr. They didn’t care when the scenario of having a known paedophile join up arose.

So where does it stop? Where does this line be drawn? How far does anyone have to go until they cross that line? Again, all very hrd questions to answer. But the buck stops with us, as human beings, as people and fellow inhabitants of this fair earth. Thankfully, the world said enough when Germany decided it wanted to rule the planet, not once, but twice. Thankfully, when those planes hit the Twin Towers, the world said terrorism is not accetable and condemned the actions of fanatics. Thankfully, when  Saddam was giving the world the impression of him having weapons of mass destruction, we didn’t all stand by and wait until he used them. Thankfully, when the same man walked into Kuwait, some countries found that unnacceptable and booted him back out again. Thankfully, recently, protestors in the Arctic prevented Japanese whalers from slaughtering helpless animals that are endangered. Thankfully, in these days of climate change and environmental damage, some nations are trying to change the way we live and our attitudes towards this planet we all share. Thankfully, when they discovered a hole in the ozone layer and found out what was largely responsible for causing it, something was done to try and prevent the situation from getting any worse. Thankfully, when the oil well leaked into the Gulf of Mexico, BP got the bill for cleaning the mess up. Thankfully, when a natural disaster happens somewhere in the world, there are charities and charitable people to help nations recover.

Its not a perfect world, I am not trying to say it is, but somewhere, I have to draw the line and stand up for what I believe in, whether those beleifs are right or wrong. To be pilloried for trying to do that is hard to take. Maybe I have become to radical in my ideals these days? Maybe three years of ill health have made me bitter? I dont know, I leave others to make those judgements. But to constantly stand by and do nothing, about anything, is no longer on my cards. I cannot and wont do it anymore. When I feel strongly enough about an issue, I will have my say and have my opinion heard or read. I will not let some condescending young pseudo phsychologist talk down to me like I am a 12 year old. I wont be patronised by people who seem to have a lack of moral fibre for standing up and being counted. The days of running are over, I just wont do it anymore. I cant do it anymore. If those people who think they know me or who say they are my friend dont like it, they so be it, I can live with that. But I am no mans doormat and will no longer be walked all over. I dont care about hurting anyones feelings anymore as no one [a few exceptions] seems concerned about hurting mine. I will speak, I will write and that will help me get these surging emotions and thoughts off my chest and out of my head. Making demands it seems, gets things done. Thats what life has taught me, especially recently. Sit back and do nothing and thats what you get in return.

This has gone on long enough and I doubt it will be read in its entirity. I am sorry if it upsets anything or anyone. I am sorry if what I have to say is not tollerated by some. The young people of the world are our future and we need to set good examples to them. That does not mean that known sexoffenders can use the internet without fear of reprisal. It does not mean a theif can take what they want when they want. It means that we try and instill a modicum of decency into our childrens lives and teach respect and tollerance, but also not allow apathy to cloud those teachings.

I think that about wraps it up. I am sure some people who might read this will recognise who I am referring to, for that I make no appologies. I for one will no longer stand by and watch decent, hard working people get a bum deal, if theres the slightest of chances of me making a difference. I will stand by my principles, be they right or wrong. I will be strong when its easier to be weak and accept something that is not right or just in this world. The days of being negative are hopefully going to be banished into the annals of history and hopefully something constructive will become of that, I certainly wish that to be the case.

But dont ask me to ever think that having a known sex offender on any internet site is acceptable, it is not, thats the line and the line has been crossed. Take it for what its worth.

Toodle Pip

Profile of a Dead Poker Player.

When you see my profile,
What does it really say?
Does it tell you anything?
Does it help you in any way?

So you guessed I like to play poker,
Is that really such a suprise?
What did you expect when you saw me?
Isn’t it obvious before your eyes?

This is a poker site they tell me,
At least I think that is true?
What defines a poker site?
Is it the profiles of me and of you?

You see I write my own profile,
Did you do the very same?
Or did somebody write it for you?
Is that all part of the game?

You see, my profile is there to trick you,
Is it a tell all of its own?
Do I really play on that many sites?
You see, it could all be unknown?

I want you to see what your eyes tell you,
Is that a puzzle in front of you?
Do you believe what your eyes tell you?
Do you need another review?

There is so much disinformation,
Is there lies I could obviously tell?
My profile is just another poker hand?
Could it really be a soft sell?

I sneak in and sneak out, you dont hear me,
Do you believe I were actually here?
Is it all part of the deception?
Or is it really perfectly clear?

Dont believe all you see and hear,
Dont trust in all that you read,
Dont take it all for granted,
Its the planting of just one more seed.

That seed will grow and be healthy,
Insde your mind it will bloom,
The doubt sets in and you fear me,
I am not all that you presumed.

So when you next read my profile,
Be sure of what your eyes see,
I wouldn’t want it to trick you again,
I want you to believe thats me.

Playing to Win

I was sitting with my laptop ready one day,
Reading about poker whilst waiting to play,
There were aticles and sites and pages galore,
Some of them impossible for me to ignore.

Charts for this and charts for that,
And forums and blogs where you would be able to chat,
Pre flop, post flop, check, raise or fold,
Play it tight is what beginners are told.

The amount of info is a real mryiad,
Calling or limping we are told are both bad,
Raising and re raising is the name of the game,
Taking down pots is your only aim.

The screen suddenly changes and up pops the felt,
The hole cards come out as each hand is dealt,
Avatars stare blankly as the calls are all made,
The chips going in making a coloured cascade.

The flop hits the board and is so very dry,
I missed it completely, now what shall I try?
Make a bluff when I am out of position?
Or fold them now, it’s a tough decision.

So fold them it is, thats what the books say,
Dont be giving cheap chips away,
Position, position is all that I hear,
Really that decision was perfectly clear.

Take your time, exercise patience and wait,
Breathe in deeply, control that heart rate,
Sooner or later you’ll get a good hand,
Then you will see your chip stack expand.

Through the levels you patiently grind,
The final table is utmost in mind,
Thats where the cash and the glory are found,
Thats where the champion is newly crowned.

And now there are three, the only ones left,
Stealing the blinds and antes aint theft,
You do what it takes so you can survive,
Your only aim is staying alive.

Its down to Heads Up, now there are two,
This is reserved for only a few,
Many have tried but fall at the last,
You have played well, your rivals outclassed.

The war rages on, the traps are in place,
Now all there is, is to win this last race,
You flop the nuts and your opponent check raised,
Then when you shove, he looks totally amazed.

The stacks in the middle, now the turn and the river,
You paid the ferryman now he has to deliver,
The cards are all down, the chips are all in,
You take it down, this one you win!

All Rights Reserved

A recent blog from elsewhere.

I would guess by now, anyone who reads any of my blogs will realise that I am a keen poker player. I never said I was good, just keen. You may also know that I am a member of a poker forum/community called Pokerspace. I have also been known to write the odd blog or two there as well. I arrived there to find a great community of poker players, many who were more than happy to help new players. Also, there was a feeling that there were poker players there who would happily help anyone in a fix. However, this is not the reason for this blog, some of what is mentioned here is also mentioned in my other blogs.

Pokerspace has just resurrected an old accolade called ‘Blogger of the Month’ but renamed it ‘Blogger of the Week’ and this rewards good poker related blogs with not only a fresh, new  accolade, but also some PS points which just happen to be the currency of the place as well. So there are some decent blogs going up already which are very good and very interesting.

There is also a referral programme going on right now and you can join Pokerspace by using the last hyperlink. That will help both Pokerspace and me make a few dollars.

Just to change tack a little now. I have the ultimate privelege to look after my Granddaughter one day a week and for numerous sleepovers. Its great to be trusted enough to look after someone elses child. Its kind of like looking after another players chips. They trust you not to steal them or screw them out of a few along the way. Our son is doing the same with us in a roundabout way. He knows how much I like to play, but also knows that I would never allow a poker game come before any of my family, just the same as i would never screw a friend out of poker chips.

There are a lot of similarities between poker and life if you look for them.  Sometimes in life, just as in poker, we need to gamble. We can only try and make that gamble less of a risk by knowing some kind of information that lessens the risk. In poker, the game of incomplete information, there are various ways of lessening the risk of the gamble we are about to take. We can use previous knowledge of our opponents and their betting strategies, we can use statistical data from some of the poker tools like PT3, we can use our own poker image to intimidate opponents,  we can use our own betting strategies to induce an opponent to fold. Whatever method we choose, it can make the risk a viable one. We take risks in life every day. Sometimes we dont even know the risks we take are there, we take them for granted. I minimise risk wherever possible by just using all my life experience to assess the level of the gamble, if the risk is too high, just like in poker, I turn the chance down and look for a better oppurtunity. So in many cases, life has helped me assess the risk of the gamble in playing a given poker hand and poker has helped me turn a gamble down by using the fold to cease my involvement in a hand.

Well thats enough of my ramblings for one day. This one was inpromptu and off the cuff , I had no intention of adding another blog today. But maybe they are the best ones. I shall leave the reader to be the judge of that.


Poker and life

I guess with the World Cup being only days away now, I should explain how sometimes playing poker can be akin to many things in life.

I am affiliated with Pokerspace .com and play a lot of poker that has direct links to that site. The only real problem for me is that it is a North American site [Canada to be precise] and most of the members know jack about Football [Soccer to the uninitiated].

For me, playing poker is like a game of football, I should know, I have played plenty of both. Football games are split into two 45 minute halfs with a 10-15 minute break in between. So straight away you can see a resemblance to poker. Football is a very tactical game. Get them right and you should win. Again, resembles a poker game. Get your tactics wrong and it can be disastrous. The one thing that they don’t have in common is substitutes, unless you are playing a rebuy game, then, each rebuy becomes your substitute in a game of football. So the similarities build as we look closer at each game and its components.

To win a  football match, you need stamina, a change of pace when the game dictates it and an understanding of your opponents and their tactics. All of these things are required in a poker game. The tactics of a football match are built around formations of your team. There are many formations to choose from. You have no idea until the day of the match what tactics your opponents might use. See where I am going with this? All you have to go on is what they have done before. When a football team plays at home, do they go with 4-4-2? or do they prefer 4-3-3? Maybe they go with one up front with a player in the hole behind, this would be more like a 4-5-1 line up. When they play away from home, maybe they like to counter attack and play 4-2-3-1 using wide players to exploit the space down each wing. Maybe they prefer the defensive game to try to take a point from the game. This could then relate to a 5-4-1 formation which is negative. All of these tactics in a game of football can be seen in a game of poker. What do you prefer to play? Tag? Lag? Passive? aggressive? A combination of two or more styles? What do you know of your opponents? Have you played them before and made notes? Does your tracking software have any information? What kind of game do they prefer to play? Do they raise, c bet frequently, 3 bet in position, the list goes on and on really. But, to get the upper hand in either game, you have to use the knowledge that you have from previous encounters to try to get the upper hand. You build a strategy from that, hoping that it will gain you an advantage and many times it will. Great football teams have managers who understand the game and its nuances. A great poker player displays the same traits.

So this year, not only do we have the WSOP to look forward to, there’s also the football World Cup in South Africa to look forward to as well. The Tournament starts on the 11th of June and runs for a full month..


This link will explain the schedule of the matches coming up in the World Cup for any who are interested.


This link will take you to a poker community full of good people, good players and loads of poker offers, you can even buy poker merchandise with your own avatar or poker name on them. It’s a great place, with a good tournament calendar.


Pop in sometime if you enjoy a game of poker. I’ll be there, but not if England are playing in the World Cup. Then I will be glued to the TV hoping that they have got their tactics right and they can put the ball in the back of the net and win their group. Then move into the knockout stages and take on all comers. Making the World Cup Final for me, would be greater than making the final table of the WSOP, but that’s just cos I know my 4-4-2 better than I know 3 betting light. So roll on next Friday and the opening games. The beer will be cooled, the flag will be flying and I will probably be hoarse after the event, which to some, may not be a bad thing.

Good luck on the poker tables, good luck in the upcoming World Cup, whatever team you support. I am sure both the World Cup and the WSOP will be great events that will be talked about and dissected one play at a time, by a great many people across the world.

If England could that again and an English play could win the WSOP Main Event, what a happy chappy I would be.