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Heartfelt Lies [a Tanka]

I am on a learning curve and am hungry for it. After some research earlier today, I found myself at One Stop Poetry sifting through their Form Archive. There is some terrific information there about different forms of poetry. So far, I have had a go at Shadorma’s today and now its the turn of the Tanka. It takes the form of a 5-7-5-7-7 syllable poem, but I suggest you read about yourself.

I have so far attempted Haiku’s, Octains, Shadorma’s and now the Tanka. I will eventually work my way through the whole archive, but Vilanelles look too complicated for now, although very interesting. One Stop Poetry is a great source of information and inspiration for the budding poet.

Here goes,

First you see the blood,

My wounded heart lies bleeding,

Your lies tore it out,

What once was yours to own, now,

Lies damaged beyond repair.


Money, Money, Money.

“It’s not that I’m trying to keep it a secret. It’s not clandestine—not exactly.”  He told me under duress. I was pushing hard, very hard and would know what he was referring to by dawns early light.

“What do you mean by , not exactly”?

“It’s not illegal if that’s what you think”

” If it wasn’t illegal, you would not be here”

He was not pulling that one on me, not today of all days. Someone was upset, that meant someone had to pay and it was not going to be me, not this time.

I was prepared to let him talk freely, but also truthfully and if he didn’t, then he was going to know what pain , real pain is like. You see, I don’t like, or enjoy inflicting pain, but it comes with the territory. People talk, they don’t get hurt, it’s a simple philosophy but extremely successful. The threat of pain often induces more fear than the pain itself. Losing a kneecap or a finger or other  ” parts” is painful, but the mere thought of  it, well, lets say no more about that for now.

” So,  I think you are about to be intelligent and tell me what I need to know”?

” If I tell you, then my life wont be worth living”

” If you don’t tell me, you wont have a life, you know what I mean”?

” I can’t, I can’t” he pleaded,

” I think that you can” and I took a step closer to him. I felt him wince at what was about to happen. I held back, let the seeds of that thought begin to propagate and then act, if still needs be. But in this instance, a little hesitation goes a long way and he will talk, oh yes, he will talk alright.

To my utmost surprise, he didn’t talk, not one word. He sat, bolt upright and waited me out. The gall of the bastard, he actually waited me out.  If Jakey Boy and his crew found out about this, I would be a laughing-stock. My image was half the battle won. I looked hard, I looked dangerous and I was both, in large amounts. I have a reputation to keep and this joker was not about to tarnish it.

I thought a little longer, what do I have to do to make this prick talk? Maybe this time, violence was going to be the only way.  Maybe this time I needed to look more than hard and dangerous? Maybe this time, someone had to die if they didn’t talk?

My personal favourite method of “persuasion” is not pleasant to see, even less pleasant to hear. The squeamish should look away now as things are about to get nasty. Do you have any idea just how sensitive nipples can be?  Imagine losing one, with no anesthetic. I have never had one person refuse to speak when they are about to lose a nipple. If this guy didn’t start talking, I was going to bypass the nipple and go straight to his heart. I was getting tired of this jokers bullshit and it was late.

“Last chance amigo”

He just looked at me, or rather through me. This one was a tough little nut, have to give him that. But like all nuts, he would crack, sooner or later.

The phone rang in the office. insistent and annoying. Who the fuck rings me at 4am? I want to ignore it, leave it unanswered, but in my game, that’s not wise. Someone always wants something, the time of day or night doesn’t seem to matter anymore. So I answered the damn phone.

” What”

” Do you have anything for me yet”?

” I told you I would contact you when I did. Now leave me alone so I can do my job” It was brave to talk to him like that, but what the hell, its 4am, who cares?

His time was up, either talk now or die, they were the options and I was starting to hope for the latter of the two. I didn’t like this guy, not that I like many, but this one was just unlikable, like a weasel.

“I am counting to three, you either talk, or lose a nipple, your choice”

” One”

” Two”

” Three”

Nothing, not a word escaped his lips. I had no options left. I took out my knife and tore into his chest like a demented hyena. He screamed his agony, oh how he screamed. But it was short lived. Just as I got to the part where I pull his heart out with my bare hands,  he gave me what I needed. Shame it was too late by then.

I rang the man, told him to meet me in 30 and walked out of that hell hole. I climbed in the car, lit a cigarette and hit the pedal.  The man was waiting when I got there, I told him what he wanted to know and took the money. I always get paid, always!

Its not a bad life being a policeman these days and the money is sooo goood.