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Little King

Sat at the poker table,
The game was no limit, full ring,
She dealt me the ace of spades,
And then the Little King.

One by one they folded,
My heart began to sing,
She dealt me the ace of spades,
And then the Little King.

Suddenly one called ‘I raise’
Out of his seat he rapidly did spring,
She dealt me the ace of spades,
And then the Little King.

I paused, I thought, hello,
Maybe this could be a sting,
She dealt me the ace of spades,
And then the Little King.

I looked at his pile of chips,
And plenty he did bring,
She dealt me the ace of spades,
And then the Little King.

‘About one hundred thousand’ he said,
Maybe this was the real thing?
She dealt me the ace of spades,
And then the Little King.

So in went my stack,
There was no going back,
He turned over two jacks,
My hand was under attack.
The flop hit the board,
A nine, a two and a four,
When the turn was a brick,
I felt suddenly sick,
I still had six outs,
But still there were doubts,
One card left to come,
My legs had gone numb,
Down to the river it went,
Equity was 13 percent!

My goose was now cooked,
But to hope I did cling,
Maybe the river,
Would reveal the king.

We were down to the wire,
I was out on a wing,
There was no saving ace,
And no Little King.


Noble Steed

This is a first for me. I am trying  a new form of poem, bought about, invented if you like, by Luke Prater. The prompt was to try to write our own Octain. I had no idea what an Octain was until today, so for those of you who are like myself, here is its definition and structure, as described on One Shot Poetry.


eight lines as two tercets (three-line stanzas) and a couplet, eight syllables per line with the first line repeated (as much as possible) as the last. Meter is iambic or trochaic tetrameter, but fine to just count eight syllables per line for those who prefer that.

Rhyme scheme:


(A = repeated refrain line. ‘c/c’ refers to line five having midline (internal) rhyme, which is different to the a- and b-rhymes)

So here is my effort, it’s not right, I am sure of it, but its close, the amount of syllables is probably wrong. If that’s so, please point it out if possible and maybe even suggest a plausible edit. I mind not, I accept all constructive criticism, it’s the way to improvement.

Galloping stallion to battle, speed,
Clashing steel upon shield and armour,
Fighting for King, a Knights honour,

Defiant, this, most  noble steed,
Courageous, brave, send to their grave,
Enemies forsaken to bleed.

Thy presence dear friend ‘oft succour,
Galloping stallion from battle, speed.

Well, at least I tried.

You Shall Know Me.


As I lie still, in the dead of night,
The dark is absolute, just that, more,
Or less,
The sound of my heart beating, is
Setting its own rhythm,
Playing its own beat, to a tune,
No longer heard,
My meditation is my own, mine,
To do with as I will,
Tonight, yes, tonight,
Let me free myself once again,
The shackles of this prison of a carcass,
The restraint of this body, escape,
The chains of my mortality.


The clock ticks, passively, tick,
Tock, tick,
Time is nigh, am I deep enough?
Tock, tick,
Deeper, deeper, ever deeper,
To fly, I must delve,
Go deep, deeper, deeper,
Finally, release, delectable in its substance,
Delicious in its piquancy,
To fly, high, in clouds,
Of finest gossamer,
Melt into the stratosphere of stars,
Moon casting shadows across the plains,
Thermals pushing higher,
Geography rushes below, ever,
Increasing speed.


Floating on soft satin breezes,
Lighter than silk in essence,
Obscure images, flash before the event,
The future, the past,
Here and now, presently, yet not,
North by North East, destination anonymous,
South, to mountains beyond seas,
East, West, merge in parallel toward,
Heaven, Hell, further?
Resplendent, brilliant,
Metamorphosis, transcends time,
True liberation, forced,
Complete, precise,
Identity regained once again,
Coherent of character,
Semblance of affinity within,
Repeatedly whole once again.


Picture in the minds glorious eye,
Images, mirrors of, my,
Hideous, repulsive reflection,
Portrait of silent perfection,
Sculptured, chiseled features,
Abhorrent, execrable creature,
Loathsome, debauched, corruption,
Sensual beauty, of handsome eruption,
Ghoulish, deformed apparition,
Exquisit, refined, graceful cognition,
Baleful, malignant hallucination,
Seductive, inviting aberration,
Perversion of body, distortion of personality,
Exalted, inhabitant of immorality.


Wanton in effort,
From within, hatred boils forth,
Expressed, despair riegns,
Fear, would steal the heart,
Fear, crippled minds,
Fear, blinds sightless eyes,
Fear, beguiler of souls,
Fathom the depths of fear,
Fraternize, befriend,
Comprehend, appreciate,
Fear, animated, palpable,
Fear I,
Fear my coming,
Fear my arrival,
Bedlam, Chaos, my only,
Brothers, Brethren,
Lay this earth to waste.


For I am Fear,
Born of,
Creation itself,
Prelude of genesis,
Harbinger of the fates,
To my only sons,
Jehovah, Beelzebub,
This devine kingdom,
King of Kings,
For I am fear,
You shall know me,
Quake before my name,
Judge me not, for,
I am fear, no man,
Nor beast,
Shall defeat my cause,
To whom?
I am fear, and,
You shall know me.


This was my first submission to One Stop Wednesday.