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Neptune’s Whorehouse

Oil well community of blackened gold,
Men, hard as diamonds that never sparkled,
Women, lost in a timeless vacuum,
Children knowing nothing beyond the horizon,
Where the sun sets into its slumber,
As the church bell chimes its call to worship,
Upon the insane altar of god’s house,

‘You shall repent or face eternal damnation’

The elders berate their audience with words,
There shall be no making of waves here,
Yet they miss the subtle incongruity of the one,
Who truly talks to the god of this abode,
Yet she honours only menfolk of this dreary isle,
Unheard and unseen by her austere monachs,
Who care little for the dalliances of women,
Less for those of a mere girl.

‘You are bound by the laws of this church’

Laws are made for fools and elders,
Not young women who seek the frenzied excitement,
Only a man can provide, do provide, will provide,
Behind the sheilds of closed doors and darkness,
So as not to be cast out like the heathens of old,
Obliged to wander across hillock, burn and glen,
Clothed only in lonliness, without destiny or destination,
Bound to their immortal purgatory.

‘Lassie, you are condemned by your community’

The boat harboured in the havens between islands,
Providing solitude to those who accept,
Branded Neptunes Whorehouse by those who don’t,
Provided sanctuary for the lost, souless creatures,
Always at a price most willingly, voluntarily paid,
Under the discerning gaze of this particular ferryman,
The one who took most on their final journey.

“You are expelled from the sanctity of this place, be gone’

The deal was made, the contract signed,
Here she would remain,
In her drug induced stupour,
At the absurdity of it all.


I don’t know if anyone has seen the film [movie] Breaking the Waves or not. This is loosely based on that. I won’t go into detail, just in case someone does want to watch it sometime. But at least it gives some idea of what this based on. If you would like to view a trailer, here is a link to the official trailer on IMDb




Tinks Wants a Baby

Watching Tinks at play, always a treat.

” Grandma, I want mammy to have a baby in her tummy”

We all know it’s not going to happen, unless you believe in miracles.

” You had better tell mammy then sweetheart” came the reply.

” Its ok, I already told daddy”

We laughed so hard, it hurt.

Such innocence.


Submitted to Friday Poetically