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Rubáiyát Madness

Down the pub [d’Verse that is] the form of Ruba’i was introduced to me forthe first time. It looked like a challenge I might try and rise to.

If you know the Beatles song, I am the Walrus and know anything of its origins, then you might understand where I am coming from.

Throw in a question that has often made me sit and ponder for a long time. “Does a crazy man actually know he is crazy”? and you have quite a concoction.

So I dont know, I tried to mix this trio up and come up with something that made sense but didn’t. Is this what its like to be mad? Readers, whoever they may be, will make their own minds up. I know what I set out to do and Ithink I just about got there, but the rubaiyat is most definitely open to debate.

Bullets Blow Minds

In trampoline corner, a breeze softly sighs?
A clock strikes midnight, a new born dies,
Flowerless gardens sat under moons stare,
Long memories scorched into unseeing eyes.

Sleighbells ringing on a midsummers eve?
A cats eye wink as I rise up to leave,
Concrete graveyards hidden from view,
A collage of tricks my mind gaily weaves.

Ears assailed by garage house grunge?
Into the mosh pit skater boys plunge,
Sailing on turbulent ocean crescendos,
Images, lies, only bullets expunge.


Fuckin paedophiles and con merchants are coming out to play.

Some things in this life, no matter how hard I try, still manage to piss me off. Tonight is just another instance of this and again, sadly, revolves around my once favourite poker forum.

A member there, if you have read any earlier blogs, is a convicted paedophile. I made it my mission [with considerble help] to get that fucker sorted out and thankfully, he got sick of the hassle and moved on. 1-0 to us normal [thats a laugh] and decent folk. Lo and behold, I visit my once favourite poker forum and guess what, another known [to us] paedophile [underage sex with a 15 yr old] is conning people out of money. Well theres a surprise! So not only is he a pervert, he is a liar and cheat and low down, good for nothing piece of shit as well. Yet only 10 mins ago, I read another blog from my good friend Liz that this bastard posted some months ago, claiming himself to be a millionaire and part of a soon to be screened tv show. So that makes it even worse, especially if its true, the last part. Is a rich pervert worse than a poor pervert? Nah! They all deserve to die, rich or poor. [that last statement is said out of anger and is not to be taken literally]. So one member has called the lil fucker out, and another member has posted a blog he wrote some months ago, so whats the betting on him getting banned or suspended? Pretty slim would be my guess. But if it were me calling him out, I dare say the banhammer would not be slow in falling, lol. Like I care. But this is the kind of crap that I am tired of. Any administrators, of any site, on any internet, should be strong enough and balanced enough to make it clear to these scumbags, that they are not welcome, anywhere, everywhere. Thats how to stop them doing what they do. Sitting back and allowing them free rein to do what they please is not good enough in this day and age. Criminals need to be shown that crime does not pay. But we have all gotten so liberal, they know for damned sure is does pay. I know, I know, its reaching the point where its slowly turning to a rant again, but I am honestly and truthfully sick and tired of these bastards and someone, somewhere, or some of us, somewhere, need to make a stand and be heard and tell people that it is not ok to act like they do. I doubt limp wristed admins are up to the task, but you never know, maybe they will surprise me/us and start to take some action.

The saddest part is, I made a group within this one time favourite forum that was for long term, trusted members, to make cash trades. Since UIGEA [google it, only dont use google, they track you] its getting harder and harder for our North American friends to deposit or withdraw from gambling sites, so trading cash is a good way of moving funds to where you like to play. I do plenty of it for other people, I should be a bank and charge 5% lol. But since my suspension, I am not there to help out with trades and that makes it tougher for the decent members to find decent trades without fear of being ripped off. If you think I lie, then take a look at the blogs there and see how many there are for cash trades. The newest blog, right now is for a fella from the UK who has been trying all day to get a trade but as yet has drawn a blank. If I were around, it would have been sorted by now. But people have to put themselves at the mercy of being ripped off by the devious amongst us. Its ok for us Europeans, we can deposit anywhere at anytime, so can the Canadians. It should not take me, a humble member, to concoct a way to help other members out. The friggen site should do that, even if it takes 1% on transactions. How much to set up a float of cash across a range of sites and then conduct all cash trades so no one is at rsik of getting ripped off? Not much, I know, I am almost doing it singlehandedly and manage well enough and I aint rich. I even help a fella I have never met by transferring directly to his bank account for him and he sends me back on the poker sites. Thankfully he is a good player and wins more than he loses, but sometimes its even hard for him to move cash around. I can do transfers in 2 hours, I am a good customer for my bank and they reward me with little token gifts such as that. Its handy if someone is desperate and I trust them. I can send via Western Union or Moneybookers if needs be and Paypal, but I have never liked that medium so tend to shy away. But maybe that shows that I have other peoples interests at heart, not just my own. But alas, the stupid morons that run that place [harsh I know, but if the cap fits] see me as the enemy now and no doubt will do what they can to see me fail. I have been assurred that business and personal issues dont cross over, time will tell.

So there we go, a nice way to round off the day.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, I have been researching streaming capture software most of the day [after watching Terminator Salvation earlier] and have been testing them this evening. I dont like direct downloads, I prefer to stream and its time I could capture those streams to watch again or listen again. Its similar to downloading, but with flash being flavour of the month, its just as easy to capture streams now as it is to download.

Day over, time for bed said Zebberdy, boinggggggg. [google it, only dont use google, they track you. In fact, get Firefox, get the add on called Ghostery and see just who and how many sites are tracking you, then block the bastards, lol].