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There it is again
that friggin finger that pokes and
prods each and every day of
the goddamned week,
and twice as often
come the Saturdays and Sundays of this
forsaken existence.

ceasless noise,
blood splatters reek
of cordite,
grenades, rip roaring
numb my brain,
shit, the bombs
bigger and better as
each new one arrives

Hack, slash,
Stab and impale,
Swordfights, gauntlets
thrown down in endless
armies of thousands, ready
to sack a waiting world,
its unbearable!

No, no, no
i beg of you
boom boom boom boom
enhance the bass, graphic
the equalizer, balance the bins
tweak the tone
boom boom boom boom
guitar heroes all
one day
one day soon
i shall wreak my revenge

I am the warrior
I am the mage
I am the hero
of the age
i am
who you choose me to be!

I pray for a power surge
an early death
for today
peace and tranquility
mine to but dream of
for even death
is better
than this life i

I have zero idea if I have got this anywhere near right. but I had a bash anyway. Over at d’Verse, my #1 poetry hangout, Anna outlines what Negative Capability is about in poetry. Its all a little over my head as I had about no formal education from about age 11. I have read it over so many times, anymore and I will just confuse mysef even further. I have read a few offerings by others and kinda followed their lead really. Hopefully, even if this does not quite fit the requirements, it might just raise a smile.

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The Right Impression

The Right Impression

The old man stood,
zoom lens transfixed on,
The image before him,

The young man sat,
pad and charcoal, outlining,
The image before him,

The child viewed the panorama with,
interest, as two men struggled,
To leave their impressions.

Submitted to Jingle Poetry for Poetry Potluck, Week 36, Sketches, Images and Impressions

Poetry Snob?

I have written more poetry these last few months than at any other time in my life. Whether they are good or not is decided by the reader, not myself. But [oh yes, here’s the but again] I sit, mess about, try different approaches, move words around, all to try and get some semblance of flow or a decent narrative going. I don’t know if I succeed or not, but the effort is there.

I tag surf a lot here on word press and obviously there is a lot of poetry posted here. Some of what I see is brilliant, far better than my own efforts, but the mirror to that is, some are just, well, lets say not very good [I prefer crap, but that is likely to offend]. I know that poetry can take on many forms and I know very little about it all. But anyone, even a child, can take a few sentences, put in a comma here and there, split it up into lines and call it a poem. I see a lot of poems that are a few sentences about something that someone did, or thought and it is then written and called a poem. Example,

Last night I sat,
Watching tv,
It was mainly crap,
I fell asleep,
Then woke,
Had a drink of,
Water, then,
Went to bed.

That would be a sentence or two if just spoken.

Last night I sat watching tv, it was mainly crap, so I fell asleep. Then I woke up, had a drink of water and went to bed.


Now the first part, I can try to pass off as poetry, whereas the second part is no more a poem than flying pigs are astronauts. So can someone please explain how and why, two ordinary sentences, that are a simple description of what I did last night, can suddenly become a poem. I am totally bemused and confused [confuckted as well] by it all. I don’t wish to become or be known as a poetry snob, but come on people, some things that are written just cannot be passed of as a poem.

By all means please comment, try not to make it personal. I seriously am confused by this issue and would love to read others opinions and thoughts. Thats a way of learning for me. I don’t wish to belittle anyones attempts at poetry or anything else, but, as a former friend once said, he had found he had a talent for writing poetry. Sadly, this was a delusion as a 5-year-old could have done better, blindfolded, with one hand tied behind his/her back.

So there ya have it. Have some fun with this one and give me whats coming.