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Serendipidous Muse

The radio is playing up a storm,
as is,
Rockanrollah, the choice of the privileged
FEW, being the operative word,
amongst friends and enemies
if it were viable to tell them apart?

NEWS, nations, souls of absent
Technolgy strangulates the spoken word,
Type, the mode of subsequent generations
Singing for the lonely.

Feared futures, regarded as garbage,
stagnating trailer park wannabes
nothing extraordinary here,
Pull up another sandbag dear friend,
Let them approve another story.

Lives interweave intrinsic patterns,
Love, conceived, in a implausible place,
Ethernets combine to tear apart,
the fallacy of love, in this world
or another.

Place? Plane? Time? cease
to exist within these walls of our love,
Confirming that love can and will endure,
We tear that fallacy apart
Love exists, across
the boundaries of miles
and years.

Our love has lived a thousand lives,
Denial? Absurd
Truth subjugates whatever lies we are told
or tell?
our love shall live again
and prosper!

Serendipity died,
Long live the Muse.



limitations of Are

The beast serpent,
Around my conscience,
To the core?

This Life?
former lives?
future lives?
What is?
What was?
What is to be?
Laughs in the face of my exponential

Who am I?
Who was I?
Who will I become?
conundrums of fate?
will be revealed,
not unto my eyes
But shall be!

Serendipitous outcomes?
Spontaneous suggestions?
Unintentional parameters?
Forced limitations of
Exist to serve

Accidental occurrences?
coincidences, all?
It cannot be so!
It shall not be so!
It never was so!
But you can nay tell
secrets? disguised as
our decisions, bartered
for choices.

So we have become what?
or a franchise of our independence?
a patent to live or die?
by pen or sword?
Or by that which maybe mightier?

And so
The eternal spiral
in its continuation,
its purpose,
to make us believe
our minds?
our souls?
our being?
Through choice?

Posted over at dVerse in response to a great prompt from Brian Miller, ‘Its a matter of Choice’.