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Playlist 101

This is inspired by the million or so playlists I seem to have on the net. Add to that, Room 101, from Nineteen Eighty Four by George Orwell. There was also a TV show in the UK where celebs [so-called] tried to get their pet hates confined to Room 101.


I am behind with everything this week so far and I hate to be behind, if I could add being behind to Room 101, then I would 😉 I was really having a struggle today to find something to write about. But as usual, I had a playlist playing away in the background and I thought, why not?

The question is,
Always the same,
Another great song,
From another great name,
To include or not,
Dilema once again,
Same genre, or maybe,
A slightly different vein?
Rock, Pop, classics all,
Country, Indie, Ska and Dance,
No sign of hip hop,
Rap or Trance.
They don’t belong here,
Garage, grunge, oh no sir,
Folk, Rock and Roll,
I know which I prefer,
Jazz, Acid house, even Punk,
Blues, Ballad, plus some Big Band,
Guitar heroes,
The main man, Slowhand,
Some, not all,
Will make this list,
New sounds, old sounds,
Funk, Soul and Twist,
And so by now,
This list is done,
If I don’t like the genre,
It’s off to Room 101.

Submission to One Stop Poetry for One Shot Wednesday


I am the Music!

I thought yesterday that I was devoid of ideas for another poem, its would appear I was wrong.

I slept poorly last night, was up at 4am throwing up and retching and never really went back to sleep. I just cleaned up, sipped some water and dozed. So today, imagine my surprise when a light went on inside my head and the semblance of an idea started to form. In some ways its a natural progression on something I wrote yesterday that included my love of music. So, why not something on that theme if possible?

I put on some music and just let myself drift, engrossed in the words, singing along in my mind and playing the guitar, drums and keyboards, that is the picture I saw as I just got lost in music and then the creative thought kicked in and I made a start on another poem.

I think that some day, I might return to some of my poems and change them. I am never quite satisfied with the end product, but I am a bit of a perfectionist. If a job is worth doing, its worth doing well is my mantra. I try to live by that whenever possible. However, as per usual, I digress, I shall not bore you, the reader, with more explanations of hows and whys, I shall just leave you to read and hopefully enjoy my latest offering in word form.

I am the Music!

Music is inside of me, lifting me higher and higher,
Under its wings, she carries me over seas and volcanoes of fire,
Singing melodies and harmonies, caressing, soothing,
Increasing volume, the sound is consuming,
Coursing through my veins, increasing my desire.

Music fills my soul, devours my being, I am dreaming,
Undulating sounds, notes from the sweet flute bring meaning,
Sliding guitars, soulful voices, brimming with emotion,
Inventing the rhythm, setting the beat in slow motion,
Climbing, climbing, to the edge of reasoning.

Music absorbs me and shrouds me from harm, from danger,
Under stars and moons, it circles me like a gosamer ranger,
Sounds, rich in resonance, full of desires, burning bright,
Inhibitions left behind, floating in the dark of a night,
Cares cast adrift, woes aside, this music is no stranger.

Music is everywhere,in the darkest corner,in the brightest star,
Undying in its love, quenching the thirst, taking me over,
Songs of travels and journies, away, away, take me away,
Indebted always to your soft touch, the richness of your bouquet,
Crossing galaxies, universes, exploding the supernova.

Music? I am the music, I am the conductor of orchestras and strings,
Unified in sound, played upon the instruments of princes and kings,
Sip the wine of gods, listen, hark, to heavens choir,
Imbue voices of angels, sung with aplomb,looking to inspire,
Cry with joy, rejoice in the song, the contentment music brings.