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Sweet Child of Mine

When I was knee high to a grasshopper [young] I was accidentaly a part of getting a girl pregnant, it takes two yeah! We were kids, but I wanted that bairn badly once I knew she was pregnant, like I have never wanted anything in my life before. The outcome was taken away from me, the appointment made without my knowledge or consent and the pregnancy was no more. If it is possible to love something/someone you will never see or feel or hold, then I loved my child with everything I have. I swore after that day, I would never put myself in that situation again and I haven’t. I love my partner, I love her son and I love his daughter like I would love my own. But I dont care what anyone tells me or says to me or tries to explain to me, it is simply not the same as having a child who carries the same genes as you. Blood IS thicker than water. I have no idea why, but I think about this more at Christmas than any other time of the year.

Take from me what you will
Steal my heart, my body, my soul
Rip the shirt from my back
All that is fine, but please dont take this
Sweet Child of Mine

Take my home, my castle
Break my keep and lay it bare
Ransack my spirit, corrupt it if you will
All that is fine, but please dont take this
Sweet Child of Mine

Take my desires, my dreams
Emprison them in the darkest deep
Make me a eunuch if that please you
All that is fine, but please dont take this
Sweet Child of Mine

Love me, hate me, leave me, loathe me,
Extinguish the flame that burns inside,
Drown me in despair,
All that is fine, but please dont take this
Sweet Child of Mine

Make me blind so I cannot see
The beauty that I sense before me
Make me deaf so I cannot hear
The cries of a child lonely in fear
Strip me naked to the bone
Torture me until I cease to groan
Take my tongue so I maynot speak
Disfigure me until I appear a freak
All that is fine, but please dont take this
Sweet Child of Mine.

Inspired by one of my favourite tunes from Guns n Roses.

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The Ninth Coming

Tock Tick Tock Tick,
The sands of our time fall,
one by one,
Into the hourglass we call life,
Except, I do not age,
I am Dorian,
I am Benjamin,
I am under the knife,
Neat lines,
Define who I am to be,
The scars of all previous lives,
Removed, erased
Like the strokes of the pencil,
Across this crumpled page.

Tock Tick Tock Tick,
Tides ebb and flow,
Justifying my dreams and visions,
Of what,
Was, is, will be,
I am no clairvoyant,
No soothsayer of futures long passed,
Neither do I live to die,
I die so that I may live,
Defying time itself,
Bending the terms of our Universe,
A conjurer of light,
A magician in the void,
As the clock chimes its message.

Tock Tick Tock Tick
All my yesterdays gather,
In celebration,
Of this immortal life,
Sculptured by the passing eons,
Chisled from meteorites,
That became history itself,
Comets divide the chasm,
That suffers my mind,
And now,
There is no one,
But I, awaiting,
The ninth coming,
Of Mankind.

For Open Link Night [week 37] at dVerse

Don’t Look Back In Anger

Don’t look back in anger,
I am sure I had heard that someplace,
Alas, there she stood,
Doing exactly that.

I could not envisage what,
If anything,
Had incited her ire, but
It was there, evident,
In that baleful stare.

And why the chairs?
What significance could they possibly have to this tale?
This scene of peace,
Yet undying cruelty.

The answer to that question,
Will be forever hidden my friends,
In the mists of time itself,
Leaving us to wonder.