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Child Montage

Just another of my little video montage’s this time with children as the theme, hope you find something to tickle your fanci 😉

1: When a Child is Born, Johnny Mathis

2: Sweet Child O’Mine, Guns N Roses

3: Child in Time, Deep Purple.

4: The Man with the Child in His Eyes, Kate Bush

5: Belfast Child, Simple Minds

6: Children of the Revolution, T-Rex.

7: If You Tollerate This Your Children Will Be Next, Manic Street Preachers.

8: Real Wild Child, Iggy Pop

9: Jesus to a Child, George Michael

10: Motherless Child, Eric Clapton.

Every single one of these songs mean something to me. Thats why they went in, but it would take all night to tell you all the reasons, so I wont.


The Devil has an ear for music too.

This could well be Satans top ten if he is also a music lover.

1: Race with the Devil : Girlschool

2: The Devil went down to Georgia : Charlie Daniels Band

3: Devil Woman : Bruce Willis

4: Better the Devil you know : Steps

5: Dancing with the Devil : Cozy Powell

6: Runnin with the Devil : Van Halen

7: Devil may care : Diana Krall

8: Devilgate Drive : Suzi Quatro

9: The Devil came from Kansas : Procol Harum

10: Me and the Devil Blues : Robert Johnson